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Stages of Sin

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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March 10, 2019 12:00 am

Stages of Sin

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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McGregor, Bob Jalisco, the book of James must be going to preach James in backward exposition because I'm going to the text and from the text we did last time, but the flow in the context makes the so applicable one to another. So as I was looking at this this week. I thought Jan Warnock to focus on this section of Scripture itself section of Scripture that all to be off repeated because it has such a good rich practical instruction. Remember, James is the senior pastor of the Grace life Church of Jerusalem.

He saw a man of a lot of authority. Matter fact when there was a contention among the Gentiles who could becoming believers and the Jewish believers thought a way to minute houses going to work. Jews don't belong to God, and if either convince well God saving them so they belong to God when they believe on Christ. Just like we belong to God when we believed on Christ answer, but how is this going to work and so they met in Jerusalem at a local church in James sort oversaw the meeting and I worked out how all this is going to work on the mission field with these what would formally be viewed by Jews as Gentile dogs were proven to be God's elect chosen people to a radical thought for Jewish man I thought were the elect of God, and they were.

But as God progresses in revelation we come to the New Testament we find that God has elect among all peoples tomes tribes and nations not just among Israel. Now James is the pastor there in Jerusalem, but so many many many of his friends.

I guess even fellow church members, etc. have been scattered abroad. He says that early in the text to all the 12 tribes scattered abroad at the figure speech, saying to all my brothers and sisters who are gathered in little assemblies all over the world now because of the persecution and so these believers are suffering there during tough spots there facing difficult trials and when you're suffering in your depressed and your discouraged, you are very tempted to sin, lose your faith in God start believing God is doing you bad are God's given you a bad deal in life are in despair, throwing yourself into indulgences. Maybe giving yourself over to jealousy of of those who do not know God, but they're doing better than you are. Or maybe give yourself over to the indulgence of alcohol or sexual indulgence is a lot of temptations that come in the person's life when there facing persecution and difficulties in trials. So he's writing to these people, and he wants to make clear to them that from what he's heard some of them are thinking wrong there thinking, untruth, or thinking backwards or upside down, so he wants to straighten that out as he talks about the temptations their lust and sinning. Look at it for you if you will it James chapter 1 beginning in verse 13 writing to the scattered groups of believers. With this. This is a circular level letter. He said let no one say when he's tempted I being tempted by God for God cannot be tempted by evil, and he himself does not tempt anyone, but each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed hears the phrase by his own lust, though it's nothing outside of you is causing this problem of temptation is because wrong inside of you that causes this difficult situation to to tempt you to sin. Verse 15 then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin and when sin is accomplished, comes to full bloom or maturity, it brings forth death in the summarizing statement. Do not be deceived by beloved brother. Another would some of you are deceived your you're looking wrongly at this you're thinking backwards about this situation now to false assumptions that I want to begin with the first false assumption is that when we see and it's the devil who is behind it.

The devil made me angry are the devils and me in the new phrase you know it. Back when I was younger it was, the devil made me do it later had bumper stickers. The devil made me do it now.

They've modified a little bit like the ever see him on TBR I made you lose program is semi-talking about some movie star.

They did something that will his worst demons got a hold of him and at least there's a little bit of unaccountability there. They say they're there demons but anyway there still putting most of the blame on 1/3 party somebody outside of them. Well, I guess. Naturally, as fallen men and has fallen me and we don't think about God and his glory. We think about ourselves and saving our own hide first. I guess were all prone to shirk the responsibility for our own behavior. It's always convenient for us to blame others. Have you that a I 59 years there hasn't been a time in lot my lifetime. When our culture was sold on blame shifting were all victims and all these people are doing us wrong in the real great evil ones are anyone whose skin is white. It is of the male gender and is a descendent of Western Europeans. If you're a good fit that category than your the great tough problem in the world and anybody else is a victim were not.

According to James, that nonsense is wrong, that continual quick first place of landing in your thinking that somebody else made me do this. The devil made me do it. You know in Genesis. How did it unfold. Adam said to God what Eve told me to eat of this and he said well the snake you know we gotta blame somebody else and were still doing that today always prone to shift the blame now in Christ, something new begins to happen when you come to faith in Jesus Christ. All the sudden you begin to get honest about you. You get begin to get an agreement with God, confessing our sin means to agree with God. So you begin to look at yourself, the way God knows you to be you begin agreeing with the truth that God says about you that you are the problem and your heart is desperately wicked and by nature you're a child of wrath and by nature you're a child of disobedient's that's just our first place that we go. Christ enables us to begin to see the truth about ourselves now. Again, this is the context of these difficult trials that the scattered believers are in and because of their fallen sin nature there facing some difficult things and there prone to say, well, somebody else calls me to get in the situation, but it's we ourselves who turn trials in the temptations a couple of examples hear from Abraham's life God told Abraham to leave the Chaldees leave this region with all your people and go to the land that I'm going to lead you to do.

Nowhere is going got to just go uncle take care. Were you going you just leave well in my opinion the compromise because her to take with me took lot with them that what happened a lot. Pretty soon. Lots of herdsmen and hurts were in conflict with Abraham's herdsman and heard the wood enough room in place and lot go where you need to go in lot pick the fertile valley of the Jordan Sodom and ended up losing about everything there is always a consequence always a consequence and then we have Abraham facing the trial of having no son. God cities will be the father of a great nation can even have his own son so he listened to his wife and she said will have a son to my maidservant Hagar that to be the child of promise and that be the start of the great nation so we compromised.

He under the trial, the despair of no son, no air he compromised. He send what happened.

Ishmael was born there.

We have the whole Arab-Israeli conflict. Beginning in his lasted.

To this day, never been were sexually there's always a consequence, not God does not want us to yield to temptation, but neither can God spare us the trials are difficult seasons are environments that we inevitably turn into temptations. We are not God sheltered people, though we are God scattered people.

That's true.

These folks they were scattered and they were and during difficult days.

Well, the devil made me do it was probably not the most common blame shifting. They were talking about. Probably the most common when they were talking about from this context is God made me do it God's responsible for this God put me in this bad place.

God brought me into this trial, God at least is somewhat responsible for my bad choice.

God is at least somewhat responsible for this season.

I'm indulging it because God put me in this bad difficult place. That's why James simply says in verse 13 let no one say when he attempted I'm being tempered by God.

Now, in essence, they were saying God's testing me with this temptation. Are they were saying what God's tempting me with this evil thing to say what I would do but that's absolutely wrong. God is not the person who is tempting you and he goes on to say, verse 13, for God cannot be tempted by evil, it means he is on contemptible. Not an tempted God's not in that God didn't play that game. There's nothing in God that can be lured by evil and nothing in God that can be enticed to the evil.

And if he was tempting you to sin than God himself would be involved in evil. So, that's contrary to the very nature of who God is, nothing in God, not the slightest thing can desire evil, and he says in the text he himself does not tempt anyone. He may try us, but he does not seduce us.

He tries you not to call you to see him but this called you to see your own weakness how much you need him now has we think about temptation. Let's remind ourselves that temptation is often when we satisfy a good desire in a bad way.

It's because of our own lust in our fallen sparks that we can take a good God given desire and seek to satisfy dinner own way young person at school says I want to make good on my test temptation.

I'm a peek over my neighbors paper ever now and then.

I know they always make a good grade that would make a good great good desire make good on the test temptation to cheat off of someone else. Good desire. I'm hungry I want to feed my family temptation.

I'll steal to get food for my family and on and on and on we could go well. As we look at this text I want you to notice the steps on the downgrade how we are tempted, and I use that in a different context nicely, but how we are drawn into these degrading steps down from lust to sin and send strongholds notice at first of all, the first step downward of the first stage downward delivering of lust. He says in verse 14 is actually your problem is that you are tempted and carried away and enticed by your own lust. The word lust here means an inward craving our inward desire that's outside of the will of God are without regard to the will of God. I lust are desired inward desire outside of God's will and it's in our hearts and it's in our mind, and he says your carried away by this. This is a picture from the hunting and fishing of the day. It's an illustration, a metaphor, if you will.

You are carried away and enticed just like a fish would be drawn out of its hiding place by the bait that you placed before it enticed would be the perfect picture of a baited hook in the base floating there in front of the fish, but unfortunately as he's drawn out of his retreat. Since in the bait. He's enticed to take the bait. He's unaware that there's always hidden hook child of God.

Sin always has within it highlights a hidden hook. So our lust draws us to the bait and then our lust notice, not God, not the devil you know… Satan is alive. Satan works to trip you up. But Satan can do nothing that your fallen heart and agree with and go along with.

That's what he say that look these are suffering, persecuted people and certainly James has some sympathy for him but less than he knows this. If I let you think that because of your difficult situation. It's okay to say little. I don't love you, as your pastor, I'm hating you I'm hurting you because the wages of sin is death solid to keep you back from this temptation that you have that you're saying due to my difficult situation. I can indulge a little bit here. Our sinful hearts always lies to us about the consequence is it Proverbs chapter 7 where Solomon's writing to his son and he's talking about the adulterous woman. The woman of the night and that he talks about how she goes out in the streets and she's alluring and she's looking for her prey. By the way, if I could give aside commentary. It's wicked and evil, not to be thoroughly punished for man to abuse or harass or take advantage of woman, but men are the only one with wicked hearts, it's wicked. Also for woman to be alluring and be on the hunt and be seductive and take advantage of a man. Both are evil. Can I get an amen this evening hate didn't come in one color color are in one gender evil didn't come in one color are one gender and wherever there's guilt we stand against it. Amen.

Either way either side but anyway he's writing to the young man there, Proverbs, and he said you know who she is.

You know how she lurks in the street you not she goes after her prey.

And here's what Solomon tells her don't you go near her door. He didn't say go past her house and be strong pieces don't go near her door and by the way, you know where her door is about to figure speech that you can be an acute beast switch the genders around the nearest door. I don't go near that door.

The point is, why are you going that way while you draw all that weight got didn't know that you are following a heart draws you to do that. That's what James say problems inside of us, not God. It's us and were always blinded there. There is a hook was Proverbs say that her ways.

The ways of an adulterous is the ways of death. Talk a lot about that just a moment. Remember King David.

He looks off of his palace balcony sees a beautiful woman, Bathsheba, and the lust occurs in his heart and he he goes and he goes beyond that he doesn't fight at that level and then he takes Bathsheba as his own, as if you were his own wife had been to cover his sin, he is to have her husband murdered, who was a valiant soldier defending that the country and representing David on the battlefield. It was a seal upon sin upon sin and then the Bible tells us that the baby born to Bathsheba is going to be taken because of the sin of David, there's always a hook lot lot separated from Abraham. What didn't have to going to Sodom.

He sought him was good yet.

My master Abraham.

He said I need to separate so I'll go down here to the fertile valley of the Jordan by the way there's a lot of fun down there.

Now what was in Sodom lot ends up escaping Sodom with his life.

Losing all of his family as he pleases God brings the judgment on that city and by the way, the judgment of Sodom was primarily for the sin of homosexuality. There are some homosexuals now doing study Bibles. Did you know that and they say that the sin of Sodom was a lack of what they call it hospitality. Let's hope God and writing fire down from heaven because you're not hospitable. No that's not what the text teaches, I will have time to going all that well, let me say this the normal desires of life are God-given and are good in and of themselves. We hunger, but we need to hunger if not we would never eat or drink you we would perish. We grow tired we go where we need rest and that's good because you get replenished in our rest. The sexual desires God-given and given by God its normal. It continues the human rights, but when we go outside of God's will for any of these or any other natural God-given desire.

That's when we get in trouble. You see, eating is normal, but gluttony is sin, sexual expression in the bonds of a man and a woman in marriage is good and God-given but outside of that, it is sin. Young people listen to you pastor.

It always has been, see it, it always will be seen because God doesn't change your culture may change around you and come up with every perverse bizarre thing to indulge in but you remember, if God can change that. He's not God.

So his law can change sleep is normal. This God-given but but slothfulness can be seen in that's outside the will of God. Now there some who go to far they go to the far extreme of eight. I put on holy spiritual attire and I really miss God in the LMA fall in the other ditch that is they try to deny these things are natural and normal.

They had tried to deny that they're not really there and try to suppress them instead of biblically fulfilling them, and that in itself is sin that is in itself is wrong because these desires that God is putting us is like the steam of the old steam powered machines of our past you before we get diesel fuel and rocket fuel.

All of our big machines were run by steam power they put: a burner the coal would heat the water and create steam and the pressure of the steam would drive the machine that's the way these desires are.

They drive the machine but we need to have is the drives must be under control. God did not make us to be undisciplined beast where people made in the image of God.

Therefore, we can enjoy what God gives us in the restraints and the controls that God has given us. If not, then the spirit desires become destructive. My grandfather was a steam engineer and he actually worked on the TVA dams and he could run anything that was steam powered. I remember him talking about how dangerous it was to them such enormous pressure and power in those steam engine those steam locomotives if one of them got off in some way and exploded to kill everybody around. It will that's what's happening in our culture as we give in. Let these things run amok among us, so there is a lust in our fallen hearts to have pleasures and seek things outside the will of God. And it's not the environment is not the trial is not the devil it's not God it's us it's what's within us that causes that desire to be a temptation to go further. Well, he says not only is there the luring of lust. Secondly, in this downgrading. Then you come to what I call the stronghold of sin.

Notice in verse 15 then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin. Here we have the emotions and the mind were lured by lust to the stage where the whale acts and when the wheel axle was in the heart and mind that it gives birth to sin that the to the temptation and original lust wasn't necessarily sin but is when the whale agrees to it, it becomes sin I don't get me wrong, you certainly can maintain thoughts and attitudes that can turn into sins within your heart but there is a place where it was just I temptation and then you gave in and the will either to have it in your life in your mind. Rather, in your heart are in your behavior, and it gives birth to sin, so that he changes the picture from the hunting or fishing world were talking about were lured after a bait like a fish are burden would be lured into a snare because of some food there and it now. He brings us to that the picture of childbirth. This lust is now conceived in its birth a baby baby of sin. What a hideous child. This baby is you. CCN is the union of lust and the wheel when we given the lust and birth sin. It really didn't like any big deal but notice how he words it hears not just talking about ACN he said then when Lawson concedes it gives birth to sin of that may be just one sin there. I one moment of sin and then if you don't do something to be don't fight therapy don't repent their then when sin is accomplished, that's the stronghold that means Brock to a maturity you think it's no big deal. But you went to that sin runs its course. Christian living is truly a matter of the wheel and not of feelings. The Bible says in Proverbs 522 his own iniquities will capture the wicked, and he will be held at with the cords of his sin hailed by the when that sin continues on, and it's not that would first of all you need to find at the level of temptation in the level of being lured in your mind and your heart if you do sin, you gotta fight the initial stages of that sin being committed. Don't let go, to be accomplished. Don't let it continue to maturity deal with it. Fight in the early stages, the old Puritan writer used to say if you're not killing see and it's killing you. It's always true, always been true, is something like the little white drugs that we all have in our yard. You don't know they're there but there there and their eating and are growing there actually eating the roots of the expensive zoysia grass you put and then the weeks go by.

The months nobody gets hot in June. It takes into July. Then you have all these what the call Japanese beetle start bursting out everywhere then to eat everything you got extra bed that sin being accomplished. It was just the grubber didn't seem like any big deal, but wait till they all come into being the insect beetle hard to deal with them. Jeremiah 51, 53 Babylon is called a stronghold in Ezekiel 30 verse 15 Egypt is called a stronghold.

So because of our own fallen hearts were lured toward something and were just were just very prone to say, is not that big a deal.

Go ahead and make the step with our wheel sin happens if that pattern of sin continues without fighting, without repenting, then it is accomplished, it becomes a stronghold naturally comes a stronghold is 1/3 step in the downgrade death death we get there in verse 15 when lust is conceived just birth to sin and when sin is accomplished. Brock to its maturity come to its completion. It brings forth death. And I just give your side note here. The only creature that can repent as a child of God do know that unless you have received the regeneration of the Holy Spirit.

You'll never repent to start with in the moment you receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, because the spirit has come in your life and changed you. Then from that moment on, you become a repent. Her like I said in the message a week or two ago, one of the surest ways you know your child of God is not because you just been forgiven of the penalty of sin justification. You're not going to help which is true but you're very concerned about the power of sin and you want to find it in your life to you at seediest I do. It's a heartbreak continue its previous even if it's the sin that so easily beset cute. It happens all over and over again. You think God I hate this and find it. Never quit, never stop. Never Gideon what you think.

The apostle Paul went to the end of his life and said I have fought the good fight.

It's find something changed in you when God saved you, putting you the desire for righteousness and desire to on relenting leak fight lust and when lust is conceived of five sin. Yes, you became jealous you did it again, but repent.

Don't let it stay there. She became angry you did.

Again, the repent and stay there. Don't list either and make sure your children see that you're fighting sin because they face so many temptations and I think your holier than thou because so many of them don't humble yourself and let your children know that you're a sinner need a Savior to buy. Need to know where in the fight to a man because they got into the fight is what you come in here. Listen to me yell at you twice a day on Sunday because we all need to help the fight what's what's what's the alternative you go go to happy Jack slap you in the back, fun church we all leave blessed and encouraged every Sunday, could you not in the truth of the word of God so that you can stay here near sin stronghold until it brings forth death.

I love you too much.

I love you too much to let you do that, you better come where you get the medicine you need to do. There's going to be up awesome day of accounting for these guys who given pulpits and don't preach straight the word of God to God's people. This is health. This is hailing this this is saving us yes were say justification, but saving us from wholesale giving over to the power and stronghold of sin brings forth death. He saves when sin has running toward its course. It begins to produce death in our lives now. From this perspective, writing to Christians. I'm convinced skews me not talking about eternal death is not talking about losing your salvation. That would be final and that is the final destination for everyone who does not know Jesus Christ. Here James talks about.

I think lots of different kinds of death. If you go on NCN.

You can kill your marriage. You can be the husband who goes on embracing sin and mistreats his wife and his own condos wife and hold her is precious and special. I did not or her and you just keep beating down and beating down and beating down and she made peace that they are. But as far as the marriage goes you killed it. Death is called you.

Maybe the why not of the authority of your husband, you'll have a sweet and honorable and respectful and submissive spirit. You keep owning people you think what I'm getting by with it.

He still there, yes, but he's close to himself all killed the spirit of the married sin when it's accomplished, brings forth death, kill a marriage of nuclear family that way you can die in your marriage or family life. You can die financially. Proverbs 510 says his hard earned goods go to the house of an alien, our member family flight friend when I was in high school.

He was a man who had a successful and prominent business in my town, but he loved alcohol and he loved women, the Indulging and indulging and indulging. I shared the gospel with them several times very thoroughly. He never came to know Christ as Lord and Savior, and the last time I checked in this many years ago. He was actually living with another family and the government housing it in really the ghetto part of town.

He lost everything he killed himself socially and financially. With this the wages of sin is now always has been always will be.

Moral death. The Bible talks Romans 124 about those who God gives them over to the lust of the flesh. Proverbs 511 speaks of the flesh and the body are destroyed. People come to the point with a given that all manner of of lust and desire sent and and we keep adding letters to the alphabet, L. G.

B. T. Q plus many different ANL phone.

Therefore, adultery, fornication, biscuit the heterosexuals and on it to. Let's all just given everything that comes across our minds and hearts everything that might come across my phone numbers are supposed indulging in glory useful to confirm me and celebrate me. The sphere today.

That's just paying morally, you know. A bondage they're saying they're afraid with your free quit. Stop it. They'll fight you to your their death on that point wife because they are in bondage they're enslaved, and they can't stop they die tomorrow given themselves over mental death drugs and alcohol can destroyed someone mentally. Proverbs 23 talks about the destruction and the misery of one who is controlled by alcohol. We talked about as a staff several times that will talk to some young man are some young woman and then talking to them talk about 20 to 30-year-old folks and as they talk.

The dots don't connect their disputes difficult to make conversation. The night they don't reason the way we reason they don't logical things are logical to them and then we find out I five and had a couple guys tell me I I did so many drugs when I was a young man and I'll be honest, I can't think clearly more wages of sin is death that God mentally and of course there's always premature death. Next chapter 5 we see Ananias and Sophia Ira God taking them out of the church and killing them physically. Although think I member preachers get in trouble because I said. Elvis went to hail Elvis what the hell my drug.

I don't know if Elvis what the hell are not. I hope that he did but you know the only hope that I have a Elvis didn't go to hell was that he died fairly young. You can give yourself over so long for the Lord just takes your home get you away. God can take his own. We see that in the what is the text in Corinthians 1st Corinthians 5 where he says this one.

It's having this in more relationships with probably a stepmother. He said I'm delivering him over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh that his soul may be, say like a statement to me.

So maybe save in the day of the Lord Jesus, I'm taking them out of this earth. Even though it belongs to me, diocese physically then trial of first Timothy 56 talks about the widow woman, the widow woman who gives herself over the pleasures of this world, instead of serving up if your little woman just will spin your energies in God's church.

Some are able physically. We understand that, but what energies God gives you your to be devoted to God's church. Then he says those who don't do that but run around town busybodies and gossip and everything is the but Paul said there dead even while they live with her not been physically guarded spiritually by Gloucester spiritual influence.

Sin always brings death. Verse 16 were wrapping up. Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren, don't you think this is, don't you think you will be examined.

So here's what happened just the saddest thing. When you give yourself over to sin and you stop pretending you stop fighting you started coddling you start excusing you start embracing sin instead of fighting and repenting of it. Then along with the stronghold that you can't get out of the very sin with at the heart thing are action along with that stronghold comes a dullness in your minds with you know where you no longer sense, the sinfulness of your sin, and so your to theirs. You are then deceived you you you bronzed you hardened your conscience. That's what he says don't be deceived, don't go down that road. Verse 16 do not be deceived, my beloved brother. He says I love you and I know you're facing trial. I know this is difficult season. It brings a myriad allegiant of temptations and struggles, but justify getting the sand because your last card is destroyed.

One of the greatest ploys that Satan has is to convince men that sin brings life when it only brings death.

Don't be deceived. What you think. Sin rebellion is look to make so glamorous today. Children rebelling against authority is applauded today understand in Canada. Now they passed a law our judge at least ruled that if a child of a child in the home thinks their transgendered. The parent cannot do anything to keep them from acting out that way, and even taking injections of formal's.

We applaud this, this sinful rebellion in children on so many fronts today, fornication is applauded, celebrated and embraced indole trees applauded and celebrated and embraced drinking alcoholic beverage applauded, celebrated, embraced drug abuse. Let's legalize marijuana applauded, celebrated, embraced, they don't tell you much about the hooks anymore was the last time you heard a statistic on the number of people killed by drunk drivers on leave that much anymore. They'll take that the hooks anymore penalty, but all the murders committed by people who were on drugs desperate go break in somebody's home and kill them to get the money. I don't see but the robberies that occur that will tell you about all the assaults the precious little children and babies that are abused by people who were given over to the stronghold of sin. I'm take you abuse a child.

Sexually you'll be killed for sunrise. They've Artie started the movement is coming pretty soon being of pedophiles go to that you were born this way is Artie started. I used it but I used to say things like that, never dreaming the culture would embrace it not to its becoming more perverse faster than I can grasp it even think that were actually thinking this way. Aren't you glad we got a church that's an oasis of sanity, I will place to raise my baby's strong and clear and a lot of good men a lot of good ladies that are going to be spiritual mamas and daddies and uncles and aunts and grandma's granddaddy's to keep reinforcing God's loving truth. The firm values in their hearts and lives.

We need that brothers and sisters we needed. I don't see but all the battered wives drops drug use, sexually immoral men the thefts the crimes the emotional and physical scars on family members drunk flying in their own vomit. The billions of dollars. Our country loses in lost productivity every year because of sin, the billions of dollars spent in mental and health facilities because the bottom line is me have given over to their lust indulged in sin's one of the show you the truth of what happens in the abortion clinic. Go ahead put out there, let's say what's got all know they don't show you the hook once, but I don't show you the consequence I had seen anything like this for a long time that the Democratic Party has absolutely lost their minds that these Democrats are voting in laws little literally to allow newborn babies to do some notion that it's a woman's reproductive rights kind of insanity. What kind of wickedness with these look these people have died morally, you understand that, and death never stands still. They died morally then they find of the people that conduct just keep multiplying James's do not be deceived, my beloved brethren don't and I don't think a child of God can go down that road for either you will repent or don't take you. I'm convinced of that to the level where you would kill children and things of that nature. I don't think Christians can stumble and fall a lot of areas. I do understand that I know that obviously there are some limits. God won't let the child of God, go to we all… Get this ground level right here and everyone of us are on this level ground at the foot of the cross we all have a nature that's been poured sin. That's what you need a Savior. That's why I need Savior.

John Calvin said there is in all of us.

The root of our own destruction. See that's why repentance is a gift. It's a gift when you got saved.

God put something in you that's traveled when you see you next trouble when you're lowered by your own last trouble when you step over the lad is troubled when you begin to come out and embrace that thing and in the spirit of God capturing the preferred Neptune your quiet time maps. You said you think Kate go down this way anymore.

I got a change to that viewpoint. I got to get out of this pattern… I think this.

But here's what's different not just because it's going to ruin you. And it is because it displeases and dishonors your Lord that's what starts growing in your thinking it's a God centeredness, a God word fault not just about preserving myself. Satan will deceive us if we are not careful because the more we sin the more we die, the more we send them over deceived and we think were living. But Satan knows were dying. Satan cannot cause a child of God's eternal death.

So he works feverishly to kill everything else he can in our lives.

I think the most tragic thing Satan would look peculiar witness for Christ.

He loved peculiar witness for Christ. Nathan the prophet came in the David after the CMC committed with Bathsheba and the sin he committed by taking Bathsheba's husband and killing him to cover his sin and David repented. David was broken and God through the prophet said will, David. That's good.

But the child will die as consequence of punishment. Then he said this because what you've done has given an occasion for the enemies of the Lord, to blaspheme Psalm to join with your pastor on the Sunday not to rededicate our hearts play Lord, save me from me yes save you from the devil, that's not my primary problem.

Yes, save me from the trials of the difficulties that are tempting to that subprime ever James with problems in here. That's the primary problem. God save me for me and then put God's reputation on lottery listening but God protect him as a Lord I want to live 02 took to old age and not dishonor your name so help me not go too far, dishonor your day is not any of us to get up here and say well I'm not leeward. I've never leeward button take you can't say that none of you can say I will. I've never cross a line from being tempted into sin if you have you've even called and caressed and embrace some God comes after you like them hounds of heaven are on your trail. He gets you back and say Lord, thank you, thank you for saving me from me. I want you in my life not marked your testimony is that not your desire. That's my desire.

I hope the church are this is medicine's with this is this is healing. This is help and I needed and you needed in all of God's children needed