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The Minister's Mission, p.1

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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February 3, 2019 12:00 am

The Minister's Mission, p.1

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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February 3, 2019 12:00 am

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Message number two in our exposition of this New Testament book and calling the minister's mission, the minister's mission would begin in first Timothy chapter 1 verse three and I'll read down through verse seven as I urged you upon my departure from Macedonia remain on the at Ephesus so that you may instruct certain men not to teach strange doctrines, nor to pay attention to myths and endless genealogies which give rise to mere speculation or questionings rather than furthering the administration of God which is by faith. But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

For some men straying from these things have turned aside the fruitless discussions wanting to be teachers of the law, even though they do not understand either what they are saying all the matters about which they make confident assertion's. So here we have Paul writing to Timothy insight now left you behind in Timothy to take care of this local church, the function and effect as the pastor of this local church, church history records that Timothy actor spent many years there and they would use the word bishop is the same word as pastor the New Testament as the Bishop of Ephesus over the local church in Ephesus, but Paul first of all, makes very clear to Timothy. This is something they really did have to talk about that it have to debate about it RRR really exhort one another about it because this was said in their minds and that's I. Make sure you remain local church centered local church centered the man of God call by God doesn't have several ministries and the local church. Local church is the foundation is the center of God's work and it is the foundation in the center of a God called ministers ministry events is regulated here remain all that Ephesus limitations clear and take care the church there.

Not the church and three other ministries, the church. I'm not implying other ministries are wrong they are. But they are at best secondary and they should extend out from your devotion to a local church and those other ministries going, they may rise and fall with the church remains for time and eternity. That's why if you're involved in. We have lots of folks upon the church members recently involved in wonderful ministries, but I haven't run into a church member in years. It didn't have this understanding. They noted secondary to their commitment to the local church and it must flow out of their devotion to and under the authority of the elders of the local church and that's just the way it ought to be a local church centeredness sold again to the apostle Paul and the entire canon of New Testament Scripture, there is only this ministry, preaching the word to plant local churches and preaching the word to build up existing local churches. That's what Paul did.

That's what he told Timothy to do. There's no other New Testament ministry again not saying others are wrong or evil. But there secondary they come and go.

The church is what matters.

I'm so glad. As a young Christian and I'm telling you I had so many fanciful ideas of all the ministries I might be involved in to serve the Lord and win people to Jesus and disciple people, and God spoke to me as I've said before, he didn't speak audibly it was louder than that it is. If God said look I have thoroughly given you the way I want to do my work in the world. No model to discuss about all the creative, clever, wonderful ideas you have.

Just do what I told you to and I said, Lord, have you looked at your local churches. At that time would. Here's another state. I was attending a local church small town knew everybody. Well, I could look across the room and look at the people living in adultery. Look at the people who swap their wife out for another wife and the last to three of the sea, and I know to look were all sinners who had to repent a man not talk about people never repented. People didn't try to get right. They just lived in open see it and I thought we got to get around the church. I got to minister somewhere else because the church didn't even try. And God spoke to me again. He said I have no plan B if you think your man of God you think I've called you to do my work that you do your work. My work my way. Why don't you produce a solution to the problems that are reinventing something else in God transform my life in the first few years after my conversion to be rabidly tenaciously unrelentingly local church centered. That's all we do.

We preach the word preach the gospel help plant new churches, deposition churches, they built up in the solid, because that's all I found in the New Testament.the role of the stuff but it best secondary he sister Timothy remain on it Ephesus implication and take care of the local church at Ephesus.

Let me remind you this morning that at the inauguration of Christ ministry. He was all about the local church. In Matthew 16 he said upon this rock I will build my effortlessly on my called at once. My church. It was about the local church that's at the inauguration of his ministry in the culmination of his ministry. The highest point when he died on the cross. The Bible says in Ephesians 525. He gave himself up for her. The church is local church is the called out and assembled once and he would say. And then at the coronation of his ministry. When he's glorified and unveiled in the last days. It's going to be all about his church. Revelation 21 nine come here and I will show you the bride of the wife of the bride.

Rather, the wife of the Lamb, and Revelation 21 to and I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.

So in the inauguration of his ministry at the culmination of his ministry and finally in the coronation of his ministry tries to centered on his church and so must we.

Let me challenge you know I'm preaching to ministers but cannot say something to your it's important for you to understand this truth because you must stand with your ministers as they stand on the say is not enough, or just him to get it. You got to stand with him are all of them.

The elders of the church, not one thing you don't want to do in your Christianity is have a pot shaped view of your life know each slice of the positive different area of your life like one slice of the pie would be your family life and another slice of the pie would be your social life and know this life of the pie would be your work life in another slice might be your recreation and also many people in life coaches and the like will teach you how to have a proper pot shake like that's not Christianity that is totally un-biblical Christianity says it's more like a circle in the course circle is a circle that has the individual Christian of the Christian family, then outside of that circle is your local church family because everything you are as an individual Christian RRR is as a Christian family must go through and be part of the local church family and then beyond that, the next outer circle is the world at large that we have to go in the world. We should do things in the world. Paul said in Romans and if you don't associate with ungodly people, you have to leave the world choices. I know you got to go on the word gonna work with people you play ball with people you live in the neighborhood of people who are not Christians but you take everything you are is a Christian and weave in and dovetail it into your local church family ministry and then you go out into the Lord you take all that with you is not separate pieces. The pie it's all one thing that starts with your individual Christianity, your wallet, your maturation, your edification, your growing your service in your local church and then your work in the world. Your involvement in the world. Let's remain at Grace lecture to the shows rabidly intentionally unrelentingly local church centered. That's God's idea, and we just can improve upon it about a man right there. Thank II under the minister's mission. He says the Timothy understand the unrelenting basketball to preserve sound doctrine in the church. I say unrelenting battle because when the apostle Paul died. He said I thought the good fight. He didn't sell.

Finish the fight he said I finished my course, but there's always the Bible to preserve sound doctrine in the church. The very first thing he sister Timothy and verse three is I want you to stay at remain in Ephesus for this primary and first purpose so that you may instruct certain men not to teach strange doctrine. Actually, the idea there is I want to want to urge you want to bear trespass upon you, Timothy.

Your to instruct these men not just treatment to teach strange Dr. that is strange means other other than the doctrine. Paul had given them when he established the church which is this endless proneness for some to come into the church that sometimes these are Christians who just get off base. Sometimes their satanic false teachers themselves, but either way, there's just a promise for the church to constantly be infiltrated by people who infect say something like this. You gotta believe on Jesus and you got about of the church, which also need these teachings are you also need to schnitzel all these laws over here and if you had that all that together, then your really have a strong family you're really race your kids router, you will really be a spiritual Christian. If you had on these other thing it's in addition to the doctrines once for all delivered to the saints. This urge you Timothy that you'll stay on in Ephesus and you will instruct the word instruct the original Greek word actually has the idea of charge or order or command other words, the firm about preacher be real firm real straightforward get this fixed now just to show you how weighty this is in the Bible on the run, this verse is pretty quick. I just want you to pick up how often the apostle exhorts younger men in the ministry to be faithful in this area of fighting for sound doctrine. Ephesians 414. As result, were no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming. As always, is it coming in their crafty and their deceptive end and they'll say a lot of things that those of us who hold to sound out was a you yes and amen what yes that's right. Then they got a little twist here and then they got little twist there and when they get through with their thinking saying sound things with a really twisted off into strange Dr. you're the great order in the great need of the Deist John MacArthur says this a lot and he's right. Discernment, discernment, not one of the joys of being a grace like church now for going on 38 years I have been here 30 years had minimal staff got 30 years or the joys is after a while the strong core of your church gets quite mature not arrive but you get quite mature and will have to fight to keep you on track. Like I used to have to and praise God I don't have to fight and keep repeating to keep me on track. To the degree that are used to just kind of gotten settled on what really matters and we don't have to pull people lien off of strange avenues and strange doctrines as much as in the past and I say that because their Lotta young pastors out there are I should say younger pastors and there in year five. Are there in your 12 are there in your 22 and there still fighting and they're getting tired and they will quit and they asked me sometimes does it get any better not say yes after your 20 starts getting easier and I literally mean that I tell everyone have a 20 year vision or your equipment at your 15 you got to use if I got 20 years inside keep going but just got up to 100. Because if you don't.

If you know even after that you fight with the fights and easier fight to preserve and guard sound doctrine. Now he writes to Timothy, the same guy in the second letter to Vivian second Timothy four, two and three preach the word Timothy be ready in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with great patience and instruction to just keep on reproving them keep on rebuking the unk keep on correcting them and escape Fontaine keep on and keep bonnets and unrelenting battle. Lisa is a strong and very clear. Verse three for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine the word endure means they will have the discipline in the heart like a mature adult Christian, they will have the mature Christian discipline to say I'm not about feelings and emotions, and while factors I'm about the truth. Give me the truth past visa to visit the time will come, you'll have a congregation that have a lot of people in it who are RRC Lee in their emotion's therein mature in their Williams. They will fasten the will. They want this excitement and that excitement is not going to be disciplined to say give me God's truth and if it wows me. Five.

If it doesn't wow me fine. I want true.Timothy is not always going to be like that though medevac that's the minority of the time so you just keep on preaching people correcting people, reproving keep on rebuking until the spirit of God grows you a more mature congregation that you don't have to do this quite as much a my making this clear first Titus.

Rather, chapter 1 verse nine. Titus was a young preacher, Paul lift him on the island of Crete to straighten out a very messed up church.

Here's what he tells Titus on the island of Crete holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching that is the writer of sound doctrine that he that's the preacher may be able to both exhort in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict. That's the endless project. If I live to be 95 and I'm still preaching that's only reason I would live to 95 is God still using out ask you to join in my prayer I'm asking God to make me affected for him in my old age. I'm not asking for health. I like to have good health.

I'm not asking for number things, but I am asking God.

Would you let me be effective for you in my old age and everything else be okay but however old.

I'm preaching up to that and I'll still have to be teaching sound doctrine and correcting those who are in error. That's what preacher has to do unrelenting battle to preserve sound doctrine the church Titus chapter 2 verse 15 says it again these things. That means the sound doctrine truth speak it and exhort and reprove with all authority.

Let no one disregard you. There were some powerful men in the church on the Isle of Crete who would challenge Titus and take them all and to Paulson you just be stronger and so the middle Tennessee vernacular you be strongest dog breath.

Don't let up now look, there's 1001 secondary things that don't matter.

Amen. They just don't matter, we now disagree on thousand one secondary things.

Some people go to these kind of movies another person's as well not know those cut movies were not fighting that battle in the circular some babies.

No Christian should go to but I do not incite the fast one. Things were not mollified over brothers you listen to me.

There are some once for all settled thoroughly taught systematic truths in the word of God be are not compromising on them ever as long as God gives me breath if you could give me breath you have takes of this pulpit but had the same compact passion and commitment. If not, I'll pray God kills burn this whole place down. This is not going to be a bastion of error and worldly compromise not going to do it. Titus 113 have we done this when you this testimony is true for this cause, reprove them severely severely that they may be sound in the faith. He's taught what the testimony is true is that they're about to hellions and thereby to renegades and a budget independent, spirited, arrogant men in that church us.

Amen. Because the ladies usually did their fighting for their men.

You know that don't lock Tom's times making the play whoever it is, I was leave it there. The guy makes the noise the man makes the noise, but mom is pulling the strings buddy: Jezebel spirit and may affect church in Revelation was rebuked for tolerating the Jezebel spirit in the church all these things are become fruit corrected hard against second Timothy 47 Paul talking about himself to motivate Timothy to keep on doing this very thing fighting for sound doctrines.

As I fought the good fight was fighting some of the fight to keep the church anchored in truth, I like that phrase anchored injury. The fight to keep the church grounded in sound doctrine and always do listen to you pastor always when we talk about holding the sound doctrine, we mean sweet.

It also means we function methodology methodologically in sound doctrine your belief and your behavior. Your message in your methods much flow together always doctrine God's everything the church never pragmatism never what works never what the culture presently is crying for doctrine, true doctrine, GU chapter 1 verses three and four. Beloved while I'm making every effort to write to you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you up to healing.

Notice the strength of this that you contend earnestly for the faith as I talk about the individual faith of a believer is about the doctrines of faith, sound doctrine, which was once for all delivered to the saints.

In other words, the doctrines we stand on one of the same doctors the first century church stood on at the same doctrines. The next century church to stand on J our message sudden change in our methods do not change, we may use electricity because they didn't have it changed, but that's not has anything to do with sound and fundamental doctrine. Those things shouldn't change. He goes on into chapter 1 verse four. Certain persons have crept in unnoticed.

No other words their heart that is hard to pin these guys down. Sometimes they come in your church and I sound so solid essential spiritual have an hour to hear about the missing so humble and unworldly and sanctified that there cannot unnoticed or hard to get you hand on about where they really are they that crept in unnoticed is one guy said there Crete's those who are long before and it knows what he says about the they were long before marked out for this condemnation of this. This is in a Christian he's gotten off track this be balanced. There are some Christians who get off track and and they lean into someone sound doctrine. These right here, not Christians who got off track. These are wicked apostate imposters counterfeits faith's fate, teachers, fake pastors, fake spiritual leaders have been marked out before him by God for condemnation of ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness. It's it's amazing when you find these people that always want to veer away from sound doctrine, the got all their little insights on what they can do that always seem to have sins there trying to condone always have some compromise there trying to get okay and the do not deny our only Master and Lord Jesus Christ Timothy your mission is to be local church centered, Timothy. Your mission is to stay in the unrelenting battle of preserving sound doctrine in the local church. The structure her fashion in the methods or functions that is of local church must flow out of sound doctrine and when we properly function are fashion ourselves according to sound doctrine and we properly function as a local church according to sound doctrine. We are tools and are in God's hands to beautify his bride.

That gives me great joy to get in on that. I don't know what else what else do you want to get in this better than that is the most wonderful thing to get it on.

I know you can do other stuff you gotta pay bills etc. etc. but get in on this. Whatever else you do your children grow up one day get married. All this time you spent in children worship is going to go away when you devote yourself to some that matters for turkey that's worth giving your life for beautifying the bride of Christ, getting in on that all of this use of worldly elements that we see in in the that the so-called church today is in it say off-site doctrine is this new all these new notion that's been going on for decades, but is come into horrendous full bloom in recent years. This bringing in the world bring in the world bring in the world's methods bring in the world's music now no longer do they say we just bring in some of the tunes from the world we still saying that the songs of the words of the faith. Now they don't even do that anymore.

Another bringing in littering the world's music.

We have church over in Florence and watching movies on Sunday morning worship service secular movies you say that in itself is a doctrine that the teaching how to do the Lord's work. But here's what is it's a strange doctrine. Its other than what Paul had given Timothy to build the church so this bringing of worldly elements in the Sunday worship to quote make it work. To quote make it successful. To quote bring in the numbers to quote get a crowd this is all a doctrine in in a number of broadly general generalized book for several decades here sort of in this new doctrine. The goal is to get as many people as possible to pray a prayer repeat a prayer after the pastor.

They will call them all save whether or not God really say to him, we don't know what I'll call them saved and so if worldly elements of bringing in worldly things in the church helps bring in more and more people and we can get more and more people to jump through our hope and pray a prayer, then this is a good this extent, this is acceptable. This a proper window it just one huge problem with that God gives you both the means and the goal of your ministry and using worldly elements to get people to fall in love with Jesus is not God's means that satanic me what they do is they embrace of Jesus, but is not the Jesus of Scripture. That's why we have 16 million Southern Baptist on church roles in about 6 to 7 million even go to church. What about those other millions who don't even go to church anymore. They all pray the prayer they all jump through a hoop to what happened. They were converted quote" under strange doctrine, so no wonder Paul to Timothy. Be passionate, be aggressive, the unrelenting be strong when you have to teach men to get this strange teaching out of the church is destroying lives is running souls is leading to eternal loss is leading to false confessions of faith is leading to people believing the Christians in their really not.

It's hurting Christians and is hurting the church so the church is not beautifying that the Lord like it ought to is not the beautiful brought it out to be.

It looks like a horrendous for not beautiful bride.

If a congregation continues to embrace strange doctrine's beliefs and methods other than what sanctioned by Scripture and given by the apostles once for all delivered to the saints of the congregation continues to embrace strange doctrine. It will come back to bite them. One of the ways it bites them as they find some fanciful new exciting thing to do LeBeau to church across town gets more fanciful and more exciting. They lose after members to that church. Then somebody else gets more exciting, more fanciful than lose half of them of that bunch. I'm glad went right/church quite a few years ago stopped church hopping Jeremiah to 19 is a powerful verse. It ties in here. I'm not near going with my message I finished tonight.

Jeremiah 219, Jeremiah talks to Israel and what Israel has done. She's done a lot of things in her compromise, but the court compromise the prophets referring to is that that Israel has turned away from God's truth and and started embracing strange doctrine and they are doing this by embracing alliances and the latencies to pagan nations that they believe if we embrace these pagan nations around us. We know they hate Jehovah God. We know they violate the 10 commands when other wicked idolaters and everything else I will be safer if we embrace them so they brought a lot of their culture. I.e. bail worship. One of the main things that worship is centered on worshiping in a way that satisfies your sinful, sinful, carnal lust, so he brought a lot of bail worship in Israel and furthermore they made alliances with all these countries to fight with him and for them should they be attacked by another third country, so that, in effect, got to do turned away from me I told you not to dwell with those nations.

I told you not to be like them, don't you not to be infiltrated about if I told you to be separate from them. And trust me to protect you, but she didn't. She went apostate. She turned away from what the Lord said, and wanted to be and she turned to something else about his your own wickedness will correct you the very thing your embrace is no coming back. She and your apostasy's will reprove you get time Israel this thing you're doing up turning away your confidence in the other nation's turned out to be its own punishment. Now that's what we're experiencing in church life in we have from the beginning of the church, our own apostasy's our own turning back from God to the world will reprove us not there to levels only talk about on I will cut this a little short this morning to listen well to what I have said I will talk about a personal level. The way personal individual people turn back on God that only talk about on the congregational level now for you moms and dads, you father's because I hold you accountable for your wife and hold you accountable for your children hold you accountable for your grandchildren. Take that seriously, because God does. And I certainly did. On a personal level, if you will not listen to and submit to a God called pastor who warned you to correct you, and who instructs you in sound doctrine. You will not listen to him and primarily course the word of God. He preaches and you begin to embrace strange doctrine's you begin embrace other things because it feels right, will be at what Paul calls a silly woman, silly women, unprincipled women, we are principal women in the church but silly women. They follow what feels right, or just feels so sweet and so good looks so wonderful because it feels right, because it it it feels better to you. It just seems right but it strange doctrine.

If you keep doing that than the day will come when these very things you've embraced will turn and bite you and leave you empty and leave you wanting you will be taught by the strange doctrine you embraced that following your feelings instead of following principal truth given enough time will become its own corrector and reprove her father's lead your family. According to the word of God, not what your wife are your children, your life is best. Thank God for principal women who can admonish their husbands in the truth but the world and far too much in the church we have silly women who follow their sentiment in their emotions and are all in place. That's why the Old Testament says one of the judgments of God is when a nation will be led by women would help me godly principal women he made fleshly world agreement to follow this women that women disfigure network is not where countries today. You look at social media did stop looking so much of it. But what use is all this the least sentimental junk advised everybody's victim. Everest got the feelings hurt a set of principled solid leadership.

Now that's a personal level. Let's go to a congregational level, go to something that's prominent in my life because I've experienced this from the time I went to the ministry almost 40 years ago to today. I remember something in it, though I didn't start in the ministry in the 60s. I realize this started happening probably the late 50s and early 60s that is somewhere in the 60s up through the 80s there was a strong movement in our youth programs in the church and in our children's programs in the church that what we needed to do to reach these kids was to minimize Bible doctrine, true doctrine and begin to emphasize worldly amusements and entertainments into the youth program because we need to reach them. So things started changing all the sudden our youth and children's program started becoming very music driven and music that sounded like and felt like the world's music usually very loud.

Lots of driving beats in them. Efforts were made to be hip and cool and connect with the culture was all to be very entertaining and far too often it was too sensual girls helping lead the praise songs were often dressed in ways that should be addressed in front of the people special instruction letting in the dark in the room more technology begin the increase to about computer-controlled special lighting colored lights. They don't smoke machine. Special-effects machines then technology Growing and now they got massive LED screens with these fantastic amazing multimedia presentations. They can put on as part of the quote you worship hour" so in effect we made Jesus and the gospel fun and hip and cool and acceptable to the carnal mind to the carnal heart then adding insult to injury, we normally put an older young person in charge of the young people in a person didn't win old enough to have the wisdom you need half and typically the criteria for this young person leading the other young people was not. Are they sounding doctrine not have a strong preachers but are they clever, are they weedy. Are they funny to the kids relate to them with the kids follow them. Most of all, can he keep the show go to keep this go now. The old guard in the church and go to the 60s and 70s and 80s. The older folks in the church were troubled by merit so cleared out here.

Older folks, not just here but as I try running preaching the talk among pastors and pastors conference was that the young people were doing all these new novel fun stuff and the old guy was and I don't know about that. I don't know.

I don't know if I go along with that, but finally the old guard discount. Is it okay will go along with it because were seeing a lot of kids quote say today those children and teenagers are now 30s 40s and 50. And guess what, you can go all across the church landscape today and what do you find what you find this now. The regular Sunday morning worship service is now mostly music driven with music. The sounds and feels like what you hear in a secular concert there special computerized sliding smoke machines that darken the room. They got giant screens with fantastic multimedia presentations to give it the wow factor increasing in the preachers not judged by whether or not the sound in doctrine and stroke in preaching the truth. He's not a weak preacher, but he's relatable. He's got good communication skills. He's clever. He has wit. He has humor and the most important thing. He's just so gifted he can keep the show going was issued to me as is. While this trend is happening started with the youth service now Sunday morning service looks like this in a lot of places they started canceling Sunday night worship service. Here's what I'm saying if this is just the catch me out. This is God's new thing for the church. If this is a noting of God and works why would you pull back from to search a good two or three times a week. If it's so wonderful reason why you can't do it on Sunday night as a people come on Sunday morning are coming because the lefties are coming up for the entertainment gives him a little bit of a Band-Aid for the sin of the week I went to my church today is our devotion to Christ among many in that setting. So today what you see today you see a lot of 70s 80s 90-year-old sitting in those churches with the music blaring in the darkness and the flashing lights and the fantastic video screens doing all kind of stuff there, sitting back there in those churches in their thinking. What happened to the church there grieved in their spirit. What happened to Dr. I made when I was a boy.

What happened in church today.

Nothing like this will happen to the chair they would happen.

You're reviewed by your own apostasy's your corrected by your own sin and now we got past and I thank God for know you got some good brothers and sisters who are in this nonsense were greeted by their troubled I don't know what what to do about his got out and that's what happened that what you think hostility with the straight fix it because if I don't get it back.

Not without World War III and bloodshed everywhere, and so a big part of my energy and time at a big part of anchoring truth ministries is helping that we don't go after them.

They come to us and say I've got a mess.

Help me get back out of it so we start mentoring them and helping them to get out of this carnival and build church.

That's what Jeremiah told him he should your apostasy have Become your recruits here. Some of the staggering reproduce for all of us in badness and evangelical life in this 21st century.

The statistics are staggeringly clear. Divorce has skyrocketed in the last half of centric divorce is skyrocketed in the church, fornication and adultery, marriage and divorce and remarriage, not others. Life after that in God can use. After that, most churches just embrace it.

Never deal with it. The young people when they get college-age about 85% of according to every survey, about 85% are college kids leave the church when they go to college. What happened I thought we did wonderful fantastic things about about Jesus wanting what havoc they can find the real Jesus without a carnival. Jesus wanted for their carnal appetite but not the real Jesus. The statistics tell us. These are our reproof's our membership, roles are absolutely meaningless and most churches church around 310 to 7000 on the membership role 700 people that don't even come that is wrong is wrong.

The these things are our processes reproving us. We exist at Grace life Church of the shows to prove to the professing church and to prove to the world that God will build his church on his doctrines and his methods. That's why we exist. You want something else. You need to go somewhere else. I'm not chasing the look not every single thing posters are doing is evil. I know that.

Here's what happens, you start adding this you at this you compromise here when you get to leaning on that stuff and then that is evil. I'm convinced to use what about say I'm convinced if we took away all the comforts of what we built here and we had to meet somewhere in a room somewhere and and and Pam found a piano and Tom Edison will sing and I preach the work. I'm convinced 95+ percent of you would stay right there with were not business turtleneck nonsense and furthermore you mark my words, persecution and sufferings coming for true child of God, and I want a church that sit here for the right stuff, not for the show. Profit said your apostasy will be your recruits that might challenge you this morning will get second part tonight.

Is this. Are you with me that look this is it.

New stuff is just that this text brought up. Try me how Muggles talk about anything else, is exactly the application to our time, not just mention one trend of apostasy of turning away from God's doctrines and methods there's lots of them. Lots of them. Lots of limits happening in the church, but I want to challenge you this morning as I challenge Jeff nodded, not tell his brother Matt was Steve all of our shelters and staff. All of us that we will recommit ourselves to be local church centered listen to me and unrelenting in the battle to preserve sound doctrine for the map takes classes at local seminary probably about 2027. He'll get done that's our focus is so much work to delete Hargitay class he squeezes one in every now and then but he's learning more here than is learned in their that's important when you come home regular talk about.

It's a good scrotum since it's a good solid guys there but there's another wave of nonsense.

Another wave of nonsense that was you got doing the church I got not do the work of God's Do with worldly gimmicks and stuff you don't yes it has to be unrelenting and going to school and taken a pitchfork in a rake, rake some in and pick some back out and that's what we going to Grace left church you note.

Are you listed your presence when you know how much stuff I have initiated that I later had to come to you and say that's not good. We can't do that anymore. So I want to be a repent or a stalwart in that process, but I need you with me you don't saving me personally.

I know your heart but just say in your heart. I stand with the pastoral staff and the elders as they are in the unrelenting battle. The guard sound doctrine which leads to sound methods in God's church, for God's glory. One final exultation dad's, you're responsible for your children. Think about that you're responsible for your wife there. Sometimes when dad has have a backbone like us all along that say this is how were serving the Lord and his family. Mom run and scream. Kids can run and scream bounce off the walls.

They also limit you just say save this household. This is the way the spammers will serve and worship the Lord not chasing that nonsense. That stuff comes and goes and changes every six months to stay anchored in truth and what last you listen to him and I'm get off of something else. I'm trying to stop real hard wives are looking for a man to be a man remain hidden in your hearts to your wife or in kind.

Sometimes you decide. Speak to the hand eye movement were not changing you open this book from your solid exegesis that something drug.

Grace left church falling anywhere unless that's true. I'm standing right here. You know I'm blessed with. I'm blessed with an army of good man, an army of principled ladies in this church and I deeply thank God for you, Timothy stay at Ephesus, the local church centered the unrelenting in the battle to preserve sound doctrine