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In the Fullness of Time

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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December 16, 2018 12:00 am

In the Fullness of Time

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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December 16, 2018 12:00 am

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All right. Galatians chapter 4 as it is been my tradition for many years I try to take a few Sundays around Christmas to preach on texts that deal with the Lord's birth and this is one of those actually had forgotten all about it and just kept coming to my heart this week so I jump back on this text. Here we go. Galatians chapter 4 beginning in verse one and will go through verse seven this morning. Now I say as long as the air as a child he does not differ at all from a slave, though he is owner of everything, but he is under guardians and managers until the date set by the father hears what he be hearsay builds the analogy verse three, so also we while we were children were held in bondage under the elemental things of the world. But when the fullness of time came, God sent forth his son, born of a woman, born under the law, so that he might redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. Because you are sons got a sit forth the Spirit of his son into our hearts, crying, Abba father. Therefore you are no longer slaves but a son and of the son, then an heir through God that you remember quite well after your conversion to Christ, you probably had a mountaintop of victory concerning some strongholds of CN's are even sinful thoughts, but a little more time went on, and you found that there was a warfare and a battle going on inside of you that you tended to fall back into some old fallen our fleshly thinking or behaviors and that's our pilgrimage.

That's why Paul says in Romans chapter 7 who will deliver me from the body of this death in the preceding verses. He talked about how I hate the fact that I keep struggling with the fallenness worldliness, lustful sinfulness of this old/package.

I'm encased in what that's what happened to these Christians.

Paul is writing to hear their truly say truly converted. They belong to God through faith in Jesus Christ but false teachers crept into the church at Galatia and by the way, that's still true in our day. We have to be vigilant as church elders and primarily is the preaching pastor could to continually combat hold off and refute false notions that creep into the church and so there there. During that hearing Paul functioning as their pastor is vigilant.

He's a freedom fighter as he fights to keep his people free from false doctrines and and false perspectives in and keep them if you will, anchored in truth, so they been saved by grace through faith. But these false teachers called Judaizers crept in and begin saying something like this that what you notice wonderful believing on Jesus. That's a great thing, but now you must add to your faith in Jesus. Some of the old works of Judaism and Daniel have grown to full maturity before God that you have spiritually grown up all it sounded so good and so logical instructors. That's where all of these people come from there.

All where the Jewish faith in the law of God and so that what sounds good. That sounds logical.

That's natural that must be right compulsive know it's completely wrong. So let's look at it. So first he starts out by talking about their pre-conversion condition hears what you're like. Here's what we were like before Christ saved us a sub point today. He says you're like children without adult privileges to using an analogy of of childhood and ancient in the ancient Roman culture to be a parallel if you will of our spiritual experience our progress.

With verse one.

He talks about how as longest I say as long as the air is a child.

A minor if you will. He does not differ at all from a slave owner of everything he says while spiritually you are a child you work yet and come to maturity. Yet you functioned as an old slave would in a household not not know the child here is is one who is not of adult age, one who is still immature and in the ancient Roman Holmes if you got up a little boy born in that home, and you had a young man who was a slave in that home above them. At about the same rights. The child had to do what he was told when he was told to do it. Slaves got to do it. He's told and when he's told to do. He said while your child is about function like a slave in your household doubt the child differs that he's a full and rightful heir to his father's fortune's names on the inheritance deed but yet being a child he doesn't apprehend that certainly does not yet appreciate that and doesn't enjoy any of that. He's pretty much like the slave in the home. In verse two he continues developing the analogy he says this child while Jesus young boy in the home.

He's under guardians and managers until the date set by the father. That was a common practice in the well-to-do families of the ancient Roman culture that children were placed in the will.

Under the watchful care and under the oversight of a guardian until an agent reached that age was it within a parameter time, but it was set by each into individual father and then when they reach that particular aides and they were declared an adult and at that point they could really enjoy the fact that they were there, father, son, and enjoy the inheritance and the wealth their father owned Roman culture. When a father sent this official AG had a ceremony and when the child reach that age they would have the ceremony and he would put on that child. The toga gorilla's the toga gorilla's was an outer garment and Roman culture. That was a statement to all, he is now an accepted and respected adult of my lineage and of my household pieces. Now Paul says in verse three, so also we know the words. This is a perfect analogy Paul saying of what we experience spiritually and coming to know God. While we were children while you are not yet fully embracing what God has for you in Christ, you are held in bondage under the elemental things of the world to list going to our second subpoint. Not only were we children without adult privileges.

We were slaves in bondage a. Specifically, he says in bondage to the elemental principles of towards things that are the basic conclusions in the society. The basic viewpoint that generally all me and half. He said that's where you live, you just live the way most people look at things and most people felt or thought about thing. That's the way we think spiritually before the spirit of God illumines us and changes us.

We just are prone to bring spiritual truth into our natural thinking and organize again. Our thoughts the way we would naturally organize most thing's for example in the world. The natural elemental thinking is that you work you marriage something and then you get you go to school work. You study, you do your assignments. You get the grade you get a diploma, or any other place in your work environment you go to work to show up on time you respect your authorities at work you do your job. You get your paycheck maybe you can get a raise. You get promotion down the road and athletics.

You show up to do the work. He paid the price you you stay on the grind and you achieve in your successful but these things are proper in the world. They're good Christians still live by these things in this world.

Of course medevac. The Bible says we should be selling these things to say a side note here as your pastor, we have almost no tolerance for a man in this church.

He does not work hard and take care of his family and we have people under discipline from time to time that we don't broadcast that I get all discipline should be picked Strictly confidential until there's no other choice but we ought to be working hard and were to be meriting what we achieve. That's what the Scripture teaches about the sixth of these things are proper, they are needful and they are essential in this world, but what Paul saying yes, this is not the way you find God why your immature and your thinking you think that's the way you find God. When you grow up in your thinking, you realize the truth is not like that at all. This is not the approach to finding God medevac. Look at verse nine of this text of this chapter rather in verse nine, the last phrase he says these are weak and worthless elemental thing now in the world are important things when it comes to knowing and finding God, i.e. finding salvation. These are worthless thing.

It's elementary.

It's basic thinking in the world but is worthless and useless to finding God. These are all of those things that look logical or things that seem wise unto a man, the Bible says the end thereof are the ways of death. They seem logical, but only to the immature only to the ill informed us a nice piece in a way, setting these guys up because they've Artie fallen back into this nonsense is trying to illustrate to them how foolish this is to remind ourselves again. The kind of truce that Paul would teach over and over as he would pastor these churches and write these epistles we have in our New Testament. He would God continue to remind them.

Remember the moment you were conceived in the womb of your mother though you are a living biological being.

You are spiritually a dead being were born dead in trespasses and sins, spiritually speaking our heart, our disposition, our proneness is to evil and is to wickedness as we set 101 times you don't teach a child of the truth our brother to tell the do that on their own yet to teach a child. Tell the truth with a natural bent toward iniquity and rebellion in our heart. Spiritually, we come to this world totally bankrupt. The Bible tells us very clearly NaturallySpeaking. We are all rebels.

We go our own way. None of us seeks for God on our own. The Bible says that's why you must raise your children and you must raise your grandchildren in an environment of strong healthy Spirit anointed Bible preaching because God's means to to enlighten and awaken their hearts to see the truth of the real condition you cannot be saved to let you know your condition is so essential and important that we been teaching this here for decades, but conversion almost never happens in just a moment and just a three minute testimony. Our witness conversion usually comes over weeks and months and years of the truth being poured into a child.

Mom and dad Sunday school teachers of the those elders who leave the children and youth program. Then of course the pulpit ministry, pouring it in pouring and in the spirit of God uses our goal. Melissa and church. Our goal must never be to give a child. Just the minimal truth to get them to check their ticket into heaven is not the minimal amount of truth is the greatest amount of truth we want to give a child are even an adult.

The spirit might work with all of that bringing them to that place of conviction about who they really are and come to faith in Christ.

I'm chasing a rabbit thereby can help spiritually speaking were dead spiritually speaking our hearts are desperately wicked, spiritually speaking, we do not seek for God on our own.

Therefore again this is all wrapped up in his teaching to the Galatians, Ephesians, and others. Of course, Romans. Therefore it's not improbable, but impossible to come to God by works or by merit I can you take a dead man whose heart is spiritually wicked on his own bed and sit for God and tell him okay do all these good things in God not accepting your get into heaven, not improbable that a dead desperately wicked being could perform that it's impossible that he could perform those things. But what Paul saying what he's been articulating to his illustration here of the natural world, he said in our lawlessness in our spiritual blindness in our spiritual darkness, we naturally conclude that we can find God and we can know God and we can achieve salvation through merit or through work in the most all why always not only just good works, but we find all kinds of ceremonial, sacramental or ritualistic work as I was talking about the candles earlier.

Pam and I were in, and Romania some years ago, and though we visited one of the oldest churches in Europe. It was a Greek Orthodox Church in the mountains of Romania. It was a radically bizarre with those people doing and it on that particular day on whatever it is, in the Greek orthodox Calendar. They were lighting, cam candles and giving offerings and praying prayers to get their deceased loved ones out of purgatory, and so the ritual of the candle lighting and the other things will something they place their puppy and it was like it was a work is unmerited thing pulses in our natural condition. We just kind of fall into that we develop these man-made religions, not the fathers in your household heads and hassles listen to pass on to say something to you very clear. I'm convinced you could've had a better pastor, but I'm convinced of this. Also I have a clear conscious that I have labored diligently to inform you fathers of the truth so that you can raise your children and grandchildren properly in the Lord. So I'm challenging you men to be discerning because of this false teaching always comes out with Christian terms associated with these so many of the same Christian truck so much of the same Christian terminology we would you use some of the same songs we would use that quote the same Scriptures we would quote but they're coming from elemental principles, not the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Be discerning the religious philosophy that they purport and that they promote is of the elementary principles or conclusions of the world and not that which comes down from heaven, the true gospel. It simply basic worldly or human principles in Christian garb. It's humanism in sheep's clothing.

That's what was beginning to happen in Galatia held the Christ talked about Jesus.

They quoted the Scripture. They begin to embrace works are merit are ritual based salvation and Jesus Christ.

By the way, when ever you diffuse that conjunctive term every time you put in and on Jesus as Jesus is not Jesus and anything is not Jesus plus anything is Jesus. He is our hope. And he is our salvation. So we have through the years and through the decades of the centuries. All of these man-made Christian looking religions with Christian apparel on them, but their substance is elemental principles. Our work salvation to the more prominent ones would be the Jehovah's Witnesses are the church of Latter Day Saints or the Mormons with their many others.

The person who's following these elemental principles. As Paul points out here in verse three there in bondage. He said that's the way you that's the way you were before you came to Christ, you are in bondage to that stuff.

His point is, why go back to that if you conduct salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and he's purchased your parking fees. Granted July 5 give you full liberty. Why would you go back to the old elemental principles of the world and go back into bondage until you one reason why PR IDE pride. We want to feel like were doing something when you say you know Jesus but I say I know Jesus but I'm better than you because I know Jesus like you know Jesus but I am doing some of the old works of Judaism. I'm ahead of you. I am above you.

I'm spiritually superior to you. That's the kind of thinking that was going all will know Jesus but at these things on to my life and we can do that in a good sale church, by the way, I have an accountability group.

While I design the company could structure here and it's good for us but administered make you more spiritual coming, you cannot miss a quiet temper five years but I guarantee you Miss God sometimes it's not about the ritual is not about the work it's about your faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. This concept of bondage that he mentions in verse three's in your in bondage, you go back to that your bondage if you're thinking that way it's being hopelessly bound in a system that cannot say because it's a system with a false foundation any concept of salvation by works is a false foundational system. So again the Galatians thought men were enlightened.

Now if we take Christ that also add on the Jesus works then were accelerating into maturity pulses. No limit curriculum that you haven't accelerated the maturity you diverted and digressed back to immaturity and childhood, spiritually speaking, even got had you going backwards. When you talk to some your friends. What was some of these folks and maybe go to school. Some of these folks and they want to add this and add that but you gotta go here and you gotta do that and it when I do that it will. Though it's not maybe showing hourly what they're doing is there swelling up we have the more superior way.

We have accelerated into adulthood. They look a lot of the times, folks you don't need to argue needs to be smile be sweet, go to some else they don't always argue father might be somebody's all really open to discussing things and you might can be a witness but look back at of stuff usually didn't get very far. Most of the time it's better just up and here's what I like to do. I love doing this. I love looking them in eyes that you don't understand something, you know what a rotten deplorable Richard we could center. I am you thrown me do this and that.

I'll mess that up every time I'm just not capable. If Christ alone didn't save me. I'm sunk. Just look at me.

So they walked up morning to show their spiritual superiority and I just admitted will according to how you define that you are superior you're doing more work for you hold tomorrow works and I will to. But now what Paul is saying he refutes all that just know you didn't actually advance you actually have come down. I mean, you see, when you hold to works any form of work.


That's the ABCs of spiritual maturity yet to start the law yet to realize your lawbreaker yet to realize God's law is holy and just and good, and we all fail. It that's good, that's the starting point, you don't stay there. Coming to Christ is not the ABCs coming to Christ is Encyclopaedia Britannica is where you really get knowledge goes to say that embrace Christ at the hotel ritual and work salvation like a man who goes into a library and every time you look at Amy's is saying is ABCs ABC DEF teen thing was weird, he just is focusing on is ABC still be reading some of this great literature was what Paul saying you don't go back to the elemental starting point. Grow up to mature in embracing joining in salvation by grace through faith alone hello Roman to so he talks a lot about their pre-conversion condition.

You're like a child didn't really get anything yet.

You may have heirs of all things, may be the heir of all things that you don't know what the truth is yet to lock up like a slave in bondage. If you're holding to those elemental things in the we all do before converted to listen to me every single person before their safe house to work. Salvation of some kind every person ever. I don't care who you talk to every person everywhere in the world before the generally converted converted the faith in Jesus Christ that hold to some type of work.

Salvation why that's elementary.

That's just natural look. The highest form of worldliness when you're most like the world is when you hold to work. Salvation, because that's centered and with the world thinks that's a said before, the balance is a place for that in the world. Amen we got be that way in the world when it comes to knowing God. We depart from that concept right now our post conversion condition. So, point a rescued Henry deemed by Christ to pastor I thought you said this had some good Christmas. Wet thing. But Jesus got the Christmas whole Bible is about Christmas is all about Jesus. But specifically he points to the coming of Jesus.

Here in verse four by what right conjunctive word at this point in verse four, all that other is true we are in bondage we were children who didn't know what we had brought God stepped in and did something come and see what God has done your do so before, but when the fullness of time came, God did something when you are his children and immature spiritual extent we were slaves in bondage to elementary thinking, God sent forth his son, born of woman, born under the law was a phrase in the fullness of time. In other words, when Jesus was born. It was in an accident. It was an appointment to see there was a set time when God made Adam and Eve.

There was a set time when Adam and Eve sinned and God clothed them and cover their shame with the sacrifice of the third-party. There was a set time would wickedness was so great on the earth that God destroyed all the earth, except Noah and his family with the flood. There was a set time when God confuse the tongues of those men who would build a tower to reach God, showing them that you can't get here.

That way, there was a set time when God called a pagan. Out of all the other pagans on the earth. Abram from the Chaldees set time when Abraham believed God, the text says it was counted to him as righteousness is a set time when God marked Isaac to be the son and the lineage of promise is a set time and guard Mark that Jacob to be of the son and the lineage of promise that was set time when God changed Jacob's heart and correspondence to a changed heart changed his name to Israel. There was a set time when God used Joseph become the prime minister of Israel and preserve the Israelite nation and the progeny that would lead to Jesus Christ as a set time when his brother settled in Egypt and the nation of Israel grew strong within e.g. Egyptian slavery.

There was a set time when God led them out of Egyptian bondage. There is a set time when Joshua led them in victory across the Jordan is a set period of time when God led his people through judges and a set period of time when God led his people through King than 400 years past and been in the fullness of time, the Virgin Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit in her womb. In that fullness of times she and Joseph in the providence and sovereignty of God travel to Bethlehem in the fullness of time she gave birth to a son, Jesus, and the fullness of time that son grew up and began his earthly ministry. There was a set time when he set his face like flint toward Jerusalem to go be the sacrifice for the children. Sin, there was a set time when he died on the cross was a set time when he rose again and there was a set time when he ascended back up into heaven to begin his ministry of intercession for the children. You know, why does God do it this way in this meticulous particular order at these take time to think about it, if soon after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of God sent the Redeemer then would not have been time enough for CN to have blossomed into its full and hideous bloom so we could see sin for what it really is not been enough time for man to be totally proven as an absolute failure to find God, or to reach God on his own but now that sin has run its course and man is given straight his weakness and inability God did something sent forth his son, born of woman born on the wall by the way, it certainly one coincidence that the Romans ruled the whole known world at that time and they built these beautiful perfect roads going in every corner of the Roman Empire and they changed the people's language.

Everybody spoke basically the same language. What is setting the spread the gospel easily to the ends of the earth.

God knows what he's doing in the fullness of time, the fullness of time. By the way, a set time when these come again that is going to stop it. The physical deterrent left is going to postpone it. It's coming it's coming it's coming.

He uses the word redeem here in verse five so that after you sent the son and the fullness of time, born of a woman, born under the law, that he might redeem a course that set where we spent a lot of time on that in recent weeks in our series on sovereignty he might purchase back were bought back out of the elemental things were bought back out of bondage and slavery were bought out of this spiritually mature thinking into the freedom of the sons of God and that the spiritual maturity and understanding. He says here back up in verse four again.

By the way that he's born under the law. Jesus came, born under the law. Don't you listen if you don't hear anything else I say this year. This the father did something to his son Jesus that he has not done with any of his other children. He had Jesus born under the law that your child of grace. You were not born under the law, you are born under grace. Only Jesus of all of his sons of all of his children. Only Jesus was born under the law, God put him under the law.

Both the ceremonial law, the ritual of Judea state religion and the moral law of God, he was put under all of that. That's why Matthew 517 reminds us do not think that I came to abolish the law of the prophets.

I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. As theologians sometime say what that means is, he took the perfect law of God and in his person and in his behavior. He fulfilled it completely its field. The full everything the law demands the listen and everything. The law predicted about the Savior. He filled it full Jesus was born under the law he had to reach the standard of God's immutable in the holy law of none of us were asked to do that and then there was this radical reversal were the father completely changed his view of his son on the cross, the father changed from viewing him as at the crossing. When Jesus began his ministry. The father said this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

Really holy God of heaven, son.

This is my only son who's been under the law, and is completely perfectly fulfilled. It will please within a reversal.

Jesus goes to the cross and God the father looks upon Jesus and the on the cross is a sinful, miserable, depraved and wretched sinner worthy of wrath while second Corinthians 521 reminds us, he made him Jesus, who knew no sin. He never knew sin. He never committed sin, he made him to be sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in him. Jesus came under the law and fulfilled it that we might come under grace. Jesus was born under the law, that we might be born under grace. If I could stretch this out a little bit and I'm confident in the balance of all biblical systematic theology and correct here.

You say listen, you were never the less, me, Charlie got you were never under law.

You are child of grace before the foundation of the world you are born a child of grace.

It was just a matter of time before God and his sovereign purposes. Since the gospel and the Holy Spirit to regenerate you so that you could grasp with adult spiritual thinking what you are and what you have.

Jesus was placed under the law that you might come to this world, placed under grace was a trade-off. That's what Christmas is about. By the way Christ came and purchased us from that slavery and were received into son ship. So in the context of this letter, Paul writes to the church at Galatia in the Roman Empire. He saying to them how absurd the view that she would go back to embrace work salvation and thinking. In doing so your obtaining maturity. That's not obtaining anything. It's a step toward immaturity. Stepping out of the blessed liberty you have in Christ under the law were like amateurs children, but under grace. We are sons with an adult, understanding, and with an adult standing in the family subpoint be exalted to son ship and divide in the divine inheritance he says in verse five. Here he says we are adopted as sons. Then he continues on in verse six and just because your sons got to sit for the spirit of his son and our hearts, crying, Abba father. Therefore you are no longer slaves to this elemental thinking to a lower work system but your son if your son in a household. Why would you volunteer to be the slave in the household is not who you are and of the son he says in an air through God as a son limitless of the moment you believe on Jesus Christ. You're an adult son of God. An adult child of God you enjoy all the benefits of the family. You have all the liberties of an adult. You're the full heir of all that your father has.

Why would you trade that even for anything else.

I just point the Trinity is at work in our salvation. Of course the father sent the son son came and procured our salvation and died for us. The spirit then is sent by the son to regenerate us and live within us in the truest sense were not God's possessions as servants. We are God's son's precious sons who now from our hearts long to honor him, don't.

Don't ever come to me with the notion that I'm to live under this wool full duty and obligation that I got a do these things. Or I might go to hell and frolic sausage one day.

No hell is a lot worse than frying light sausage.

Trust me, but were not under this wool full burden of got to do these things and check these things often go through these motions. If I'm in a certain kind of church I have these three, four things about another counter displaced at least three or four things in existence won't know know know know your born again by the spirit of God. There's been a change in your heart. You're no longer under a master, in bondage to this woeful obligation. Your son is learning to enjoy honoring your father and big difference there. Again these Galatians, Paul is writing to.

They wanted to go back to that old position and they wanted their father to accept them as a servant. When Paul is saying go back there.

You're really already a son of the contrast was between sons and servants is very easily safe have five points here real quick. I just read them first devices as a son, you have the same nature as your father but a servant. Of course, does not have the same that you can understand you are changed when God saved you are born again you're regenerating your mate, and now you're made alive. The Scripture says, you now have the divine nature. Second Peter 14 tells us you can keep the law, all you want but is not going to change your nature. Only the gospel and the new birth changes the nature makes your son.

The son has a father servant, a master he says here in our text that once we become a son. There's something new in us will we begin to grasp this oneness. This personal love relationship we have with our eternal God, the father by we can cry, Abba, father really means popular daddy. Nobody is just laboring under the law ever… God is popular. Daddy with my grandchildren. They call me DD when they come to DD. They're not looking for okay give me the works. I can achieve today so that I might be welcomed as your servant know they know they're already welcome. They cross Abba DD father Leslie. We approach our God and others were born again.

Thirdly, a son obeys out of love, servant obeys, out of fear, the fruit of the spirit Galatians 522 reminds us, is love.

Look the walk in the less intimate listen… You think about this afternoon. Listen, do you walk in the absolute confidence of God's unconditional love for you yet you don't know I don't care I don't care, don't tell me about your stupid since I don't care.

God doesn't slay you because you sin. He slays you when you realize he loves you despite your sin. That's what brings us to our neighbors you're his son.

You cannot out send the love of God. Listen to me.

Here's where the legalist jumping will beat us up there, watch out.

I'll be right back together you teach that people live in sin. Though they walked the more that love grabs them.

The more they want to please him marks.

God knows it will coerce some joyous glad children to serve says oblations want to go back to the you can see, look at the front scribes and the Pharisees look at the elites of the Jewish religion, coal, dead legalistic nonsense when you become a child of God. Number four the son is rich.

The servant is poor. The sun is born as a joint heir of everything. His father has member.

The Bible tells us about the riches we have of grace. The Bible speaks of our riches in glory. The Bible speaks of the riches of his goodness toward us. The Bible speaks of the riches of his wisdom toward us in the Bible just puts it all together and comprehensive fashion.

And since we have all the riches of God in Christ will what, that's good news folks all the riches of God. You see where babes in Christ. Only in our understanding of what we are and what we have not in the sense of attaining you not abate because you haven't quite got to salvation, yet your baby could have apprehended all that you have in Christ.

Yet you haven't understood it all yet.

It's my job to keep preaching and preaching attend.

Preaching attempted to get you called to glorious everything. I haven't cried because I great finally got you there is my hope that's my hope that we would all just become so enamored with the greatness and goodness and glory and wondering love of Christ. Intoxicated with his love, goodness were like a son who's the full heir of his father, but we been away from the home and from the family land so we can't yet put our hands on it. Yet we can't yet enjoy. But it's fully ours. That's what you are you you hadn't gotten in your hands. Yet when it's fully yours whenever five son has a future servant does not that we do know that in this old Roman culture. It was not too unusual for slaves to be provided for by their masters in old age. But it was not required that a master provide for slaving all day, but father always provided for his son as he grew older. Well, that's why we have Christmas.

That's why he came.

That's why Jesus was born, that you might be released from the bondage of works in the law to apprehend and embrace the joy and the grace of adoption as a full son of God, and a full heir of God all through the merits of Jesus Christ, but there is a sense in which your adoptions not fully complete. In the Roman culture. There were two ceremonies.

There was a 11.

So much of a ceremony but a requirement that you had to go through certain procedures to secure the adoption of the child and then later all there was a ceremony where the child was presented with the toga Burrell us put on him. This is my full child.

Remember my sermon on glorification all that day.

We will be presented clothed in this glorious glorification that that's what our adoption. It's full ensure now, but that's when it will be unveiled if you will. What we really are his children. It's ours just hadn't quite got arms around all of it. Just let so, the son of God became the Son of Man. That's Christmas morning so that the sons of men become sons of God, and that's fully realized on resurrection morning in the fullness of time