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The Greatest Commandment of All

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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May 31, 2020 8:00 am

The Greatest Commandment of All

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Are the scriber Bibles and go to first John, I have just really enjoy diving back into first John and the John is called the apostle of love and for very good reason.

As you read his gospel, and then you read these three epistles. He just likes to say a lot about it now to listen to me just second, this Bible is like steel and if you are under the conviction of the Holy Spirit being drawn to Christ you're drawn to the teaching of this book or if you know Christ is Spirit lives in you and you have that agape factor.

We talked about a few times that that new kind of love that only born-again children have been theirs. Your your hearts like a magnet drawn to this book and it's preaching I didn't I didn't.

I'm not getting on this thing tonight, but just to mention the reason why so many churches I become three race circuits a three ring circus is an entertainment centers is because there are a lot of people there trying to keep who don't have the magnet in the heart there drawn that they're not really drawn to this unless you make it fun, but it it wonderful to say were going to sing and preach the word were all okay with it because the magnet seminar not saying every time. It's exactly the same. We cannot we get the doldrums. We get sluggish spiritually. We not as drawn to this, we ought to be some of you that way right now. But as I get preaching. It's the magnet school come on little bit fiscal get start up in you, and that's why they preaching to keep it start back up again so I swear preaching about this tonight were preaching that love. I want you to examine your heart so this is something you want to do everything okay how long you been saying how much spiritual fruit in your life every week what the word is preached going to be examining our Lord and my one of those Lord I have that changed part do not know Christ as my Lord and Savior. My drawn is there something in me that drawn to this word and the preaching of the word. Let's look at it together. First John chapter 2. Let's look at verses seven through 11. All right, he said, beloved, I'm not writing a new commandment to you, but an old commandment which you've had from the beginning of the old commandment is the word which you have heard, on the one hand I'm writing a new commitment to you, which is true in him and Ian. You something true and new in you because the darkness is passing away in the true light is already shining the one who says he's in the light, and yet hates to debate and amplify that out.

Detest his brother is in the darkness until now. I believe that clearly means he's a false professor. He claims to be a brother, but he's going on in that the testing attitude of hate toward his other brothers in Christ that he can't be a true bratwurst in the one who loves his brother abides in the light and there's no cause for something in him, but the one who hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in darkness and does not know where he's going because the darkness has blinded his eyes. Now I've said share this with you many times but we in that the English language have one word for love and will use it for everything. I love baked beans. I love my car and I love my wife well those are very different things of the Greek language helps us out a little bit there different words for love with. Be careful and not use this word as carelessly perhaps as were prone to use it because we use a word like this carelessly, it means little or nothing. I don't know that it means a whole lot to your wife if you use the same word for baked beans is used for her. Now we know what we mean in our hearts we just don't have the words in the English language to lay it out there like some of the languages do so. John here the apostle of love as is diving into this truth of this new true love that only believers in Christ possess uses actually coins a word this agape love. Other loves like filet always more like a familiar will are the kind of love that the cot that's common in the unregenerate world, a love within a family, a love for of brotherhood and some sort of calls and your team are group of doing some to get the feel bonded you feel close and that's not wrong, but that's just under common grace. All men have some of that but all Christians have this new love this deeper love this agape is important to know as we read this apostle of love John that he wasn't always that way might affect in Luke chapter 9 Jesus told the apostles to go and get ready for the Lord's table and they are going through Samaria and the looking for some help in the Samaritans reject the help them because they found out they were going to Jerusalem and not about gears and the Samaritan said you got a workable jet garrisons so they wouldn't do that.

And so, John's responses would you just wanted to call down fire from heaven get heaven just kill everyone up. That's why John was called one of the sons of thunder. You said, firing and retribution then have been in indignation, if you will, in his bones. But you know incident something that after God saves you, he begins to humble you, he begins to tenderize. She you begin to see more of your sin and not so much of other folks sentence. Well, that's what I'm convinced happen to John.

He's talking about now the agape love that is so prevalent and evident among all of us first about I in her outline.

He says this is old commandment pieces very clear to their verse seven blood. I'm not writing a new commandment to you, but an old commandment. Here we have the same concept us talk so much about this morning where something is under the old covenant and the law. All but it's also applicable. Brought to its maturity in the New Testament church and in the new covenant we had the seed of it in the Old Testament, the fruit of it.

If you will now in the and in the New Testament and in the church under the old law of the Bible said in Deuteronomy 65 love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might. In Leviticus 1918, you shall love your neighbor as yourself that in Mark 12 Jesus said these two commandments from the Old Testament are the summation of all the law. He said if you got those to you really got it all. Love God with all your heart, soul and might and love your dad recipient. If you do really know those two that you covered all that God expects of you. I'm just gonna read this in Mark 12 verses 2234 should be on your screen medevac and when the scribes came and heard him them arguing and recognizing this, he had answered them well ask him what commandment is the foremost apologies edge of the foremost is hero Israel, the Lord your God is one and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind with all your strength. Verse 31. The second is this you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

There is no other commandment greater than the use of the stop right there. Those who wrap up basically everything, so the commandments that were given from the beginning of Revelation through Moses conveying the central are the foundational commandments that we walked in as the New Testament church today to love God and to love each other but not remember they they come to their full fruition under the light of New Testament revelation. We really begin to grasp what it's about, and that the real thing that should jump out at us and it's going to come out over and over again is that no longer is it an external commandment. It's an internal reality, the seed of this kind of love has been miraculously put in me at the new birth by the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 13 now verses eight through 10.

Notice what Paul says here. Oh nothing to anyone except to love one another, for he who loves his neighbor notice. This has fulfilled the law. For this you shall not commit adultery. You shall not murder, you shall not steal. You shall not covet, and if there is any other commandment, it summed up in this saying you shall love your neighbor as yourself. So the apostle Paul repeats the same type thing.

The entire law of God is summed up if you look on her those two commandments. Think about couple a mom and a dad wake up in the morning and the dad looks over the monster with alarm clocks gone to bed.

You know what the losses would like to see these kids today.

You know what the losses we got to close them right and will not get them to screw. There's a truancy law and so because the law requires it were just going to go ahead and take care of our kids today. What there's no decent mom or dad in the world ever had that conversation another wake up in the morning and there's a love for that baby. There's a love for that child and so they do what the law requires, but they do it because they already love them and aren't you glad in our culture that God's place. That kind of love out there in the in common grace among all people, and still so very many fail at that it's blood on Chase's rabbit too far. But I see these things about how many starving children are in America today. Every time I see that the X number two children are going to go to bed hungry.

Not they had been fed and I'll say where is there mom and dad and bless the Lord, who is holding them accountable. We don't have at starving children probably got a parental problem. Those parents to be locked in jail somewhere bigger speech are beaten with a rod until they took care of their own children while point is, that's just against nature. They don't have the grace of God the Word of God. God made human beings to know better than that. I'm not will try sitting further.

We talked about that well. The point is that in the New Testament, the emphasis is not on the rule on the law. The emphasis is on the love that now resides in our hearts we are changed and we are different and that's the way it is for loving parents and worry about what the losses but take care the children are going take care their children when we generally love one another, we naturally don't steal from them the losses. Thou shalt not steal. Buffalo comes not will steal from you.

Think about it being a law. The law says do not lie. Don't bear false witness against your neighbor. Think about it being a law if I love you I'm not going to do that it hurts you losses don't murder somebody want to worry about that below. If I love you I'm not going to hurt you, much less murdered you. We don't even think about it.

That's why the Bible says when you are a Christian and your born-again. We are to 12 times.

The New Testament love one another because all of God's law is taken care of. When we walk in that kind of love, the poorness were not to just act as if we love one another.

We do love one another. You know, as we get back together and I see you again and I we get to hang out here for a couple hours this Sunday and I see you again. There's just a bonding of affection in my heart for you. I haven't done anything with most to you in forever. As far as grilling hamburger hanging out somewhere that's not the kind love were talking about the world as that kind of love we have a spiritual connection in our Lord that God has given us so I don't have to say okay what's the law say that I'm supposed to do for these people grace like church know I love you and you should love me and I believe you dutifully if you act like you do. So if you don't you're faking it for double well all right, thank you for faking it. That if you are, so it's a no commandment John says it's it's under the old law love the Lord your God fill your heart, all your mind all your strength.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

And that sums up just about everything and then that's exactly what is expected in the new now there some aspects of it being new. The on going to elaborate on.

We are to get on it, but I will elaborate all the first one.

What is this new and actualization. That is, this is not some new philosophy we are adopting. It's not a new teaching. We are attaching ourselves to listen to me.

We believe in experiential religion.

Something has to have happened in you and tell you this is not just about your head getting some new information. Though that is essential. The gospel comes to the mind, and you must grasp the basics of it.

But as the gospel comes to mind. There is a work of the Spirit of God that changes the heart. That's why I'm asking you again this this evening.

On this Sunday evening. Have you had a heart train.

Has something changed in you.

At least this is the seed of new desire of love and connecting to God's people in God's church really knew.

Are you just attend because that's a habit you been passed down or has been passed down to you from your mom and dad and grandmother and granddad in all black with that's a good tradition. The key is you have to be born again said a million times but they asked John Wesley one time why everywhere you go John Wisner he's preaching to the old cold dead Anglican church. They sprinkled their babies call them all church members and there were all lost.

Practically speaking, say he's preaching to Anglican's and he would keep thundering and thundering and thundering.

You must be born again.

Have you been changed by the gospel. I do experience repentance of sin in a new faith in Jesus Christ to John Wesley, why do you keep saying you must be born again. You know that your doctor told me times. John was said because you must be born again and that's where John's getting to hear.

This is actually true. It's actually existing in reality, that before were born again were dead before your Savior dead you know what happens when you give a commandment to a dead man. Nothing you just commanded dead man all you want I could pockets it appeared to scream at you love one another. Love the truth love the church love those were born again and if you're spiritually dead and had been regenerative asperity just to note that you can fake it be nice and try got don't you just be nice and try. He wants you to position and actualization. So in the New Testament's new because the emphasis is you been changed in your heart.

Actually what were saying in our world today.

What's been going on in so-called liberal theology that should say liberal theology because liberals teach non-theology, but what they talked of the year is is that our Barth are forever is is that we if we can just teach people to love each other teach people to be kind to teach people to be caring.

We just had this new utopian civilization promise he can change the heart with that. You just put a little polishing veneer on the outside and the old dead man. The old self consumed dead man is still there only inside the on loveliness and unloving fruit of being a spiritual dead man is still there. Listen to Titus 33 is a sort of describes what we all are. Before Christ changes us. We also once were foolish ourselves, disobedient, deceived and enslaved to various lusts and pleasures, spending our life in malice and envy, hateful, hating one another less of like today's new hateful and hating one another. We got a police officer doing a vile and wicked and hateful thing to a man and then we have mobs all over our country doing hateful things and hating one another. Now when the Bible says that's kind of what characterizes us that then mean that every single person expresses it out the same way. But it's in their back what's in there we go member Junior heel little skinny evangelists don't, you Junior heel is funny and he's funny and this is a long long time ago, warming the world has got a lot feel fear since he told this, but he said him. He said I just listened years ago Junior heel said I just learned there's a phone number you can call and and you pay them to talk dirty to you. Go member that that started up years ago and then Junior heel said. He said you become a Baptist preacher and people talk dirty to you for nothing. That's what he said you know what, what's funny about this is true, none appointed. You can put on a lot of religion and a lot of fašades edit the heart had been changed. You're still hateful and hating, you can still be mean and vile and wicked and hold onto things just with faith and outward veneer are cosmetic of religion on your life.

Good Southern Baptist southern flavor to that cosmetic so all people don't necessarily manifest this evil perfectly are consistently are the same way.

But it's there.

It's in the heart, but now the regenerate person has this new agape in actualization and that's what's new we get told about something. I'm not saying that it didn't exist in the old, but it wasn't the foundation of their their covenant and the religion it's new for us. Under the new covenant. Matter fact you listen to me you are not allowed to join Christchurch until you've had this change. You're not unless it's the right is the responsibility of God's elders to make sure no one is admitted into Christchurch until Christ has added them until they show good biblical evidence that the Spirit has wrought repentance in their hearts, and faith in Jesus Christ. And that's part of the sweetness and the love and the specialness of grace, lack of the shoals is decades ago we started learning wheat. We got to do this right.

You never arrive at it, but we ought to be serious about. We all love our babies enough in our grandbabies enough not to run them through the motions, and though them on Churchill Weld level mama enough to work with them and pray form and preach to them and teach them until they can tell us.

Yes preacher yes mama that I have had this change in my heart. By the way there's no greater mark.

There's no greater evidence of the new birth and you love the people of God, the average Southern Baptist Church. Just be honest and clear it might be hard to love ever.

So the Baptist Church. If you are born again I'm talking about when you get with a true group of true children of God. There's just some there's just an attachment. A drawing to them and a love for them.

That's be on natural soap. John is writing here that's what we have we have it in actualization. Let's see, look at their inverse some of eight. On the other hand, I'm writing a new commandment to you which is true in him. Here it is. And it's true in you it's actually true and you. The Bible says in Romans 55 the love of God's been shed abroad in our hearts when I love this one. First Thessalonians 49 were told of God to love one another, God comes in you and nobody at night it is to be taught and verbalized and reminded and challenged there something in you that already want you to love other Christian you know I wouldn't convert it until I became a young man I was 19 years of age and I came to faith in Jesus Christ and I come from a us up for fellowship and orientation that was radically unchristian and almost immediately I have. I'm drawn to a different group of people is just the strangest thing wonderfully strange. I'm so glad I got to experience that. Maybe for you. You've learned to love the people of the church and so in the new birth happens, it's not. Maybe it's radical to you but out to be as real with its new in actualization were taught of God to love one another. I wrote this done my notes, the body of Christ has a divine love, anointing us while they called the early Lord's supper. Love feast. Looking here's the beautiful thing about it and blithely this when I see this it just it just makes me sick at my stomach. A lot of's churches today call worldly emotionalism and worldly sentimentality. Even sensualities they call that Christian love and it's not it's not in our motions to get involved.

That's not the base of it. The point is, that's all they began to have his own gushy sentimental nonsense. We have a deeper Christ, truth, love for each other and that's the basis in the center of our love will is real in actualization but he also says there is new it's true it's true in him. In verse eight I think the point is we saw in Jesus Christ, the pinnacle, the perfect demonstration of this love.

We actually have it now, but he fully demonstrated it before us the life of Jesus showed something to this world. No other age had ever known. They saw perfect love lived out before them.

The four Gospels show him living a life of genuine love and some of the most difficult of circumstances. Remember the woman at the well. As Jesus took the time to talk to her and Jesus said to her, why would you give me any time here I'm supposed to speak to me about his will to be seen around me. She's a Samaritan woman. They were considered unclean.

He was a Jew and he was a man so various reasons there, why, and that culture that they just didn't do that. But Jesus welcomed her to talk to her face about you give me some of that watery she said you don't have anything to dip with.

He said yeah but you don't then sub I want you have some living water. If you drink of the living water.

I can give you. You will never thirst again was Jesus doing. He was loving that dear woman he was showing the love for her.

The woman caught in adultery. They were going to stone her and Jesus stop the mob from starting her that is not sin.

You can cast the first stone and then he said woman wears all your accusers, and she said whether all all he said no you go and sin no more say love includes loving someone left him truth love things happen.

See how got base different than sentimentality emotionalism just emotionalism sentimentality would just hug her neck said they were trying to an awful thing to you go if you sit, look what they were going to choose evil, but you gotta stick your center to and you need forgiveness. That's a great thing you tell somebody that's loving surely help them with their need. Of course, but also tell them the truth about the condition of the heart in their need for Savior.

Think about his love for the 12 how how much he put up with with these guys never the time to argue about who shall be the greatest in the kingdom had to live through that stuff and you still love them.

We've Artie talked about the Sons of thunder. He want to bring down fire from heaven destroy those who were on track with them. We we all know about Peter denying the Lord three times and went.

Jesus told the disciples of going to the cross. It was Peter that said, you're not going to the cross, God forbid it, Lord is what Peter said but he still love them, doubting Thomas, but he still love them. The lowliest could weep at his feet.

He would meet all Nicodemus at night.

Nicodemus was a shame to meet him in the daytime, he held children be comforted those women who were weeping as he went to the cross.

He just lived a life of love even loved his enemies on the cross. He said father forgive them. They know not. They do in his words in his life. He was the perfect example of the commandment, he was the demonstration. It was true in him.

But now wait a minute, what's the pinnacle illustration of this love.

The centerpiece that ever all of his love hinges on dying on the cross for his elect and so that's when Jesus says, as I have loved you love one another. Jesus loves all mankind.

And there's a sense in which anyone who will turn and believe on him. He would save them, but there is a specific covenant personal love. He had when he stretched out his hands and died personally specifically resolved and that when he changes us that agape love. We love all mankind. We ought to be able to love all mankind better than any other mankind can love all mankind. But there is a special love one for another, within the church and Jesus demonstrated that by dying on the cross. I think that is the primary truth in Ephesians chapter 5 and says husbands love your wife like Christ loved the church, it means she's your one and only you. You love her exclusively to the exclusion of others. Sacred theology throughout the Bible makes sense theology throughout the Bible makes sense. Well, he was the demonstration of it.

It was true. Him him anything and of course it says. Also, it was true in you. You can live out what he lived out and you know were all safe that way. We are all in the immature stages in the perfecting stages of living this out. He was already fully demonstrating in verse eight he says something interesting there. The last party says because the darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining Christians have the truth of God in them and they have the true love of God in them. And it just needs to keep sharpening more and more and more and more that's what you need to have your prayer life on track and in your Bible study, life on track. Consider the preaching of the word of God and we need one another in small groups and hopefully we can get that back going before long we need sharply to the Y to kindle the flame of the light of God in our hearts shines out from us. It's true it's there just not bursting forth to the degree that it ought to be.

So all of us are growing out of the darkness and were growing to increasingly walk in the light and be the light and be the true children of God in the world.

Look at verse nine. If you will.

He elaborates on this the one who says he is in the light, and yet hates our detest his brother is in the darkness until now, and I believe 1911 refers to the professing Christian who doesn't know got a lie you could know God. How in the world. How in the world could you be a true Christian and have an ever abiding the testing of another Christian can do it the irreconcilable have an irreconcilable nature is a fruit of the flesh know we can stumble into that. You just can't walk and that is a child of God, not just beyond, is there some children got. I enjoy to be around more than others. Delicately spiritual you to their son that you just enjoyed but tended to test to detest them. I don't mean to get on this over and over.

Gibb what that officer did that dear man with his knee on that guys neck.

How can he have such a deep testing spirit.

And on October Christian the Christian now that's what John talked me.

I tell you how wondering how it could be.

He does know God he's no child of God. He's not born again but you know is it humbling those stories told. I forgot which one of the Nazi war criminals was brought into court and one of the prosecutors were sitting there and as that man walked into court and sit down the process or the prosecuting attorneys just bad is it in well and well. Later, someone asking said why when that murderous tyrant that slaughtered so many Jews and did all those evil atrocities why when he walked into the room. Did you just break down. He said because a look at his face and he's just a guy is like curricular human being should I could see myself that's the thing that up humble all of us apart from the grace of God, we could be we could do just about anything. We need a Savior, a man we find by the way, we got one week out one almighty powerful, loving, ever keeping ever securing wonderful Facebook Savior listen to me. That saves me from the hallelujah take an old hating detestable heart make it a loving, sweet and kind heart, especially for the fame of God, but for all men, for all man see it's impossible to be in fellowship with the father and be out of fellowship with another believer the same time, did you hear that, I don't know that it's a good effects if you if you if any of you sitting here right now. I know somebody in the church aside, this would be around them. I can extend the rent until you have a serious spiritual heart problem and nothing else.

You know what you do you hang nail yourself the cross assembled out of myself and love them anyway.

They I learned to myself and love them anyway.

That's what my Savior did for me.

If he died for them, walking die love them anyway. I'm standing here in my 30 kn plus your pastoring. Don't tell me there's not times when you just sit on the lumber that you think you will. I know you had to do on the some of you huge smiles on your face on it that makes a little paranoid it will sleep tonight and I've done that for some of you. I love them anyway because God's trader, you just can't go on and claim to be in fellowship with God and be out of fellowship brothers and sisters in Christ that there are those who claim that and that's what he is talking about. He said there's 1/3.

There's folks around y'all that's claiming they walk in the light they know God, but they have this detestable love for others goes on versus 10, 11 the one who loves his brother abides in the like.

There's no call for something in him, but the one who hates his brother, which again is an oxymoron. You just can't know that if you're Christian. He said the one who hates his brother you, I believe in the spirit of the text. He said the one who professes that he's a brother and yet hates another brother is really in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and he didn't know where he's going because the darkness has blinded his eyes. There are those who look there always be those in Brunson system.

Some of them can quote Scripture, their intellectual they can talk theological things that can be impressive. I mean you and your just woo and will all and there just they must be the best Christians in the world, but they have a detestable hate in their heart for somebody or even for the church in general which proves everything there about is a phony.

It's all phony.

Actually there claiming to be gnostics. We have a higher level of understanding were so knowledgeable and were so smart and were so intellectual about the things of God were kind to be exempt from those lower things like loving one another will give me folks are not intellectual and high browsing full full full of word salads when they talk just love God and love the church.

That's where John's getting to hear and be careful that we don't cover busy religious activities in the place of loving our brothers and sisters in Christ that affect words of Matthew on Chapter 5 it should be on your screen 23 and 24 therefore if you're presenting your offering at the altar and there remember your brother has something against you, leave the offering there for the altering goal be reconciled to your brother and come and present your offering that Christians can have disputes.

Christians couldn't it be at odds with each. We hurt each other's feelings, but you know what would God do we gotta get over and reconcile. We gotta get back together. Some of them will be listening to just have to listen we have church that we've worked with for years. We got a lot of church we work with for years.

Some of the leadership in the church aside, I just couldn't get along anybody they just had to split up.

It makes me want just bring them with a rod what you maintain get along together, did somebody deny the deity of Jesus Christ is somebody rejecting the authority of Scripture as somebody viciously committed adultery. Somebody else's farming is not only does kindness bring about that. I don't like the way he says that not like the way he does that well. Sure little heart to your sales pitch is the charge for the bride of Christ, the reputation of God. The community get over it and love each other anyway. Nonsense of men in leadership can't get along like a little school girls in junior high fussy stuff making myself clear which is not going to come to stuff just going to humble ourselves and let me know I won't abandon my responsibility to the chief of this church. If everyone of my elders was driving me insane. This novel abandon my calling. By the way, they don't drive me insane.

The wonderful brothers who are kind and gracious and a blessing to my soul. My been one or two along the way they were difficult. But that's not the way it is today.

You can't walk in the darkness. You can't detest to brother and say I just can't be around this guy claim to me. You know Jesus Christ knuckle happened not go float with me nor the word of God. Okay, I'll move on. John Baker says here the believer who has this kind of detest station or hate in his heart for another blurb brother claims he's in the light but these blinded by Satan even agency can't see. He thinks he's a spiritual giant. Actually he can even focus well. He's walking in hatred and is walking in darkness and hurts others, so he talks about what is he say they stumble here hugs the word in verse 11 with one who hates his brothers in the darkness and walked to the darkness of the not no worries going nowhere is going. He's stumbling around verse 10 where he says it. He said if you love your brother, your bod in the lot. There's no cause for stumbling, and you you say love makes us all stepping stones for others to go up higher their spirituality to go up higher in the ministry in the service of their love for Christ. Love makes a steppingstones but hate makes you a stumbling stone stumbling stone to your brother. If the group of hating believers.

I would like to say hating professing believers get together they think they're lifting one another up, but all they're doing is stumbling over each other in the dark. All right, let's get positive for a minute. First Peter 48 tells us that love covers a multitude of sins.

I meditated on that while the sweet love covers a multitude of sin is that not one of the sweetest things you've ever heard corset sinners and our Lord Jesus did his love not cover multitude sequence covered the raft for all of our sins. The judgment for all of our sins. In the same way when we are walking in the agape that he's put in us not walking not just the world living out there, but like a real Christian.

Then we will have the pattern of not exposing and shaming and condemning will have the pattern of even covering sin and obviously there were not talking about a terrible scandalous evils, but more the sea and you and I seem to find ourselves committing day by day. Don't bear a grudge as a child of God in heaven help us cannot just tell you the taproot, but not loving your brother sister cannot tell you the taproot jealousy cannot tell you the taproot having angst against another.

You love yourself you love your brother and you think your God. The fourth person of the Godhead, so if they did something to bother you, than the world's come to an end and I got some tell you you to sing all that important. You just not that valuable. You just like the rest of us. You just a sinner saved by grace, and you can learn if God is in you to let it go. Forgive it comfort go on well.

Love covers a multitude of sins. Three thoughts about this. Number one, it forgives and it forgets it.

It forgives and it forgets it read first Corinthians 13 five love does not take into account a wrong suffered, think about that. Let love literally that word take into account means to take an inventory you know the doing to take inventory to store the canopy exactly the score exactly what they have and don't have in they filed it away and I can pull it up anytime divided exactly what the score is. Love does not do that love does not take into account a wrong suffered love lets it go as if it never happened. They just don't pull it back up now. I've had people come to tell me what that's just the way I was raised. I was raised on a dog eat dog, you better get you better make sure you're right your honor you there.

Make sure you're not done wrong with you been raised that way that's terrible but you're responsible after your converted to begin to learn to let it go. Take into account a wrong suffered, don't take inventory and file it away. Forgive and forget number two.

Love covers a multitude of sins means we pray for God to cover it. We see something in a brother, sister, and were not just brother rebuked her all the sudden we we pray for God to say Lord just just help that brother sister see that help them work through that help them overcome that so that had become any kind of a public issue. Thirdly, if necessary, humbly and privately. We help them through it humbly and privately would help them through it. We cover sin because God covers ours and we never enjoy publicizing the sin of another beautiful picture. This is Genesis chapter 9 verse 23.

Noah has gotten off the ark and he's acting a fool he's gotten drunk in these lay down shamefully neck it no clothes on. But it's naked it's naked large merchants and in no that's shameful enough, but in a Jewish concept. There's a a vile spiritual uncleanness to that ham was just going to shame his daddy was the Bible say verse 23, just enough to but sham and Japheth took a garment laded upon both of their shoulders and walk backward and covered the nakedness of their father and their faces were turned away so that they did not see their father's nakedness. Know the words were just not going to bring things out in the public were not going to make a noise of things were not going to shame. A brother unless love requires most of the time that it does sometimes, but most of the time it doesn't love covers a multitude sent so is there something in you that's drawn to what I just talked about. Why not just to not but anytime this book safely taught her submenus drawn to that, even when it convicts us and we say thank you Lord, I need to repent some bear 90 to walk better and that are do you need to not the call of Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. You need to know that he's changed you.

He's forgiven you in the spirit of God lives in your heart