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Keeping the Charisma Flame Full

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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May 9, 2021 8:00 am

Keeping the Charisma Flame Full

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Read your Bible so let's go back to second Timothy as we continue preaching through this New Testament letter again, the context Paul is in his second imprisonment he's writing this letter, knowing that he is death is imminent.

He will be executed for being a Christian pastor are Christian leader and he's given this letter to Timothy so that Timothy might continue the process of ordering the church so that the church can shine forth the great wisdom and beauty and power of God by the wife. The church assembled and functioning biblically is the greatest portrait of God. The world would know until Jesus return and that's why it's so important that we dedicate ourselves to God's form and function for his bride, the local church and so that's basically what Paul is doing in one very real sense, Paul is shepherding are pastoring the church through Timothy's writing and saying get this in order get these people straightened out. Rebuke this heresy structured this way and that way and often he'll give a word of strong encouragement or admonition to Timothy himself and that's what we see today. Let's look at it together.

Second Timothy chapter 1 and will look at verses six and seven. For this reason I remind you that's the Timothy the Kindle of fresh the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hand. For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. Keeping the charisma flame full that so that what I've entitled this exposition keeping the charisma flame full.

The key phrase in these two verses is the phrase to Kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you. That's what Paul is getting at here is he writes to Timothy that the young man functioning as the pastor of this church now that the word here will let me back up and we go to Kindle afresh first. The phrase Kindle afresh is in the present infinitive, which means it's a continual action, Timothy I want you to continually to be about doing this very thing Kindle laying the flame that is in you language scholars entomologist to study these ancient languages tell us that this phrase in the ancient Greek would be the phrase that a blacksmith would use in his blacksmith business as he's trying to the heat.

The fire and get it hot enough so that he can melt it informant to usefulness it will look over at his apprentice and he will say push the bellows and keep the flame full push the bellows and keep the flame full. If you've ever seen a video but no blacksmith shop. They depend on that continuously because just the flame is not enough.

It's gotta be a full flame to have the kind of heat to make that metal bendable and pliable to produce something usefulness are to produce usefulness. So Timothy is to Kindle afresh. Keep the flame full if you will the flame that God put in his heart now is get to that part of it is called the gift he says Kindle afresh the gift of God. The word gift is the Greek word charisma.

That's why used to charisma. It's also can mean a God's favor or a grace gift just means something that was given to you that God just chose to give you that you did not merited and you did not earn it.

Now we talk about the word charisma courses. The same word is the word Congress that's translated Greek in our grace rather in our New Testament as her mother says that grace covers a lot of territory. Grace again. God's favor, God's love for us. It was a grace that put Jesus on the cross and died and was buried, and rose again on our behalf is a grace that produces the new birth whereby your born-again and become a convert, a child of God, and it is a grace that gives us spiritual gifts are these new divine spiritual enablement's that we have as the children of God we are to use in serving God will that's the particular context here. He's talking about the grace that gave you this charisma. This gift you don't deserve and it's a gift that is contained in special if you will abilities traits abilities to minister for God in God's church and for college glory. So in essence he saying okay Timothy, I'm writing to you my execution is right around the corner, but Timothy is God's pastor, despite what else happened. You got to keep pumping the bellows and keeping the flame full so you can be so that you can be effective as my pastor in the local church. Now don't think this is just a message for the pastor you will see in a few moments the application is for all of us. So there's a particular and directed application of course to pastor now keeping the charisma flame full is first of all talk about the reasons it's interesting what Paul points out here as we begin in verse 6A, godly Association to Timothy. This is one reason why I know you can do this and I know you must do this and that is your past godly Association, but I was look back up at verse five, he says, for I am mindful of the sincere faith with in you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois and your mother, Eunice, and I am sure that it is in you as well and the connecting word verse six.

For this reason I remind you please connect together your ear godly mother and your godly grandmother Paul effectively saying your grandmother was a woman of true and sincere faith. Timothy and your mother was a woman of true and sincere faith in Timothy people have watched you long enough to know that you the same thing.

You also have a true and sincere faith now because of this godly Association. In this godly heritage will quit now don't slack up now keep on going, keep fanning the flame to the full of the gifts that are in you and faithfulness and in service to God.

It brings it to me a practical idea though and that is, is it not true that we are greatly affected by those around us and those we know and perhaps in the past is Paul's pointing out here. Remember Proverbs 2717. Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another is that not the truth. A lot of you had a lot of iron sharpening is larger spiritual life as you look over your life and look at your past, but it can also be true in the negative. Because Proverbs 1320 reminds us the companion of fools will suffer harm.

We don't want that kind of association. Timothy didn't have that kind though his father was probably not a Christian. His grandmother and his mother were very faithful, committed Christians, what a good note for mother's day.

Mom's you're having an impact and some of you that had chosen to pour all your energies into your homes and raise children in a day when the world sees your foolish and and and and and not credible and not important for doing that. You know it's that baby of yours might be the next Timothy for the glory of God. Just don't know. So here in Timothy's case, God's providence had given him the godly influence of a godly home and he was to draw fuel from that past those past godly associations. The fan the flame of faith going forward recite all of us this morning that we apply this to everyone that if you're if that's your experience rather year without excuse. I want you this morning to just pause for a moment and look back. Maybe as a godly dad, godly mom. I remember a family that told me one time that they could not remember. She could not remember when her mom wasn't teaching Sunday school, and she never missed singing the quark could remember the day this lady was a senior at AltaVista back in draw from that the buffet and if you will to put on the flame of gifts in your heart to serve the Lord. Maybe it was a godly article large, godly, and maybe it was a godly brother, godly sister that just specially were committed to the Lord and you remember that could've been a neighbor in your neighborhood. I remember lady in my own neighborhood who taught Bible studies for the children and I can just say that she loved God and I still think about her. To this day, so look back on that in remember because we could expand out the godly Sunday school teachers and maybe a pastor whose impact you use these memories to fuel your faith today.

Keep on keeping all of the world is just the world doesn't lie to us anymore.

The world screams, lies with us today.

All of this Internet and all of the social media just balances in pounds us with. We gotta chase this worldly thing and we gotta have that worldly thing yet we look back at our moms and dads and grandmothers and granddad's and great-grandmothers and great granddad and I were faithful to God faithfully serving minutes charts and they did missing but it miss out look back and pull that up, help yourselves. Now some of you may be like me and didn't have a lot in the way of maybe godly companions in your pass for your conversion with that case you must find some that's what this would teach us.

You need to be around so find you a glory of God focused, Christ honoring Bible saturated preaching of the work based personalized strategic world missions impassioned local church in Dobbin there find some people to put around you. That's the importance of small groups, especially you can build those relationships and those associations that can help you keep the fan blowing to keep your claim to the full and the context here your charisma that the gifts God's give me your supposed to be using to serve God in and through his local church and cannot make up may be, should I collect turnouts and eat it this morning just not just a statement because of where we've been. I want to say today from this pulpit that the pandemic pardon that we have been given to not be faithful to church and not serve in the church has now expired their equipment under a pandemic pardon that your pardon, your righteously pardoned from attending and participating in the work of God through his church because word of this pandemic. But I need to announce this morning Dr. Fakih, are you listening the pandemic pardon for the people of God has expired. There are some exceptions, I certainly understand and respect and support senior adults still need to be careful. I get that but for the great majority of us, you look on your pandemic pardon card it's going, expiration date, and it was yesterday and you've done well her a house told by man who talk to the pastor of one of these giant the column church is there not giant Sunday entertainment things they call churches today in South Florida. Thousands and thousands my main good big they put on a show every Sunday and the man said that he had lost 70% of his congregation because the pandemic I honestly don't know one person we lost.

You gotta keep them on what you build it on and cannot tell you something. This pandemic did not affect Jesus Christ taste the same yesterday today and forever.

And if your charts is founded on Christ.

Then all the pandemics the world may blow by 10 not shake his church will set the.

The idea here is Paul talks to Timothy Sim, Timothy, what about these godly associations you had in the past Timothy for that reason your Kindle a fresh fan the flame and keep the flame full Hebrews 13 seven reminds us remember those who lead you who spoke the word of God to you and considering the drug. The result of their conduct imitate their faith, but will do that is as a pastor particular young pastor, I gain incredible strength from reading the histories in the biographies of godly being of ages ago how they stay faithful to the finish. Well Paul is doing that the same Timothy Vogel cut my head off your for long and I'm staying faithful to the end of Timothy. You must also well number two so the second thing as he gives the reasons why we should fan this I'll sometimes call it faith sometimes call it the gifts are sometimes caught the enablement's I'll sometimes use the original break the charisma. I like that found that out. Keep it going.

Here's a second reason because of the gravity of your ordination, the gravity of your ordination to the second reason last part of verse six. The gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands is Timothy you have this charisma you had this gift in you and it had to do with me laying my hands on you not think this is a reference to what Paul also spoke in first Timothy 414 retails Timothy in that earlier letter.

Do not neglect.

Neglect the spiritual gift the charisma toss which is in you which was sold rather on you for the prophetic utterance and the laying on of hands by the Presbytery. So here he would have the body of elders in the church and I believe, along with Paul who who had an ordination or commissioning top service for Paul for Timothy rather and Paul says, particularly as I laid hands on you. God used that her work in that to give you a special charisma for your work as a pastor and as a shepherd.

Now some thoughts on that will pastor. What does that mean what are you suggesting that we need to start laying hands on people to make our recent to receive special spiritual enablement. What how you can unfold. That would well first of all we see a lot of laying on of hands. In the New Testament, we remind ourselves. This is the pop pop star like air of this of the day of unprecedented signs and wonders and miracles and these early apostles had powers and authorities. We know not up today I have in my 40+ years of ministry being hearing about certain pastors or church leaders who say we still have the apostate Onyx signs, wonders and miracles today and we can do though, but Isaiah watch what they're doing in here about what they're doing. They do not look anything like the New Testament, signs, wonders and miracles. They look like for all think it's wise for us to at least conclude that the signs wonders and miracles of the first century church during the pop stock era as the word of God was being written are not normative for the church today so when we talk about laying on of hands of men going into the ministry in the ordination.

Sometimes, we could say the commissioning I guess it would be.

Sometimes a person is ordained and in their specially prayed over again and laid hands on for particular tasks.

All of those are biblical and acceptable.

But here's what I want to say there's a lot that's unclear here.

There's a lot that you just cannot pin down because God didn't say that much about so because the Bible is not clear and you can't pin it down biblically. We must not form a dogmatic position or practice on this verse, Paul saying I was told this to you. The laying on of my hands.

Secondly, another conclusion is not only what must we not be dogmatic about a position or practice on this. Secondly, the gifts and calling of pastors is special and unique. We have nowhere else in Scripture where people are seen as being laid hands on in a formal commissioning outside of those men who were called to preach and then pastor God's churches.

It is special and is unique and thirdly 1/3 thing I would bring out is that local church elders representing the entire church body when they ordain our commission amended the ministry.

It is of special importance and I think that's the general thing that Paul is getting across Timothy's Timothy you to understand I didn't do this to a lot of me Timothy. I didn't do this just everyone who came to faith in Christ, Timothy. This was something special. You have a special enablement.

A special calling charisma Timothy, you must know the gravity and the weightiness of that, keep fanning the flames of the charisma gift in you.

Be faithful to God that you may say well that's interesting.

That's about pastors but cannot say something to you.

You know what your ordination was that baptistery when you committed yourself and submitted yourself to New Testament baptism you are saying I might not be a shepherd of this church.

As far as being a pastor but I am today being commissioned by God to faithfully serve in this church with my brothers and sister you need.

Also fan the flame of the charisma the special spiritual indwelling along with the gifts God's given you quit making excuses for coasting on your local church you signed up for duty and that baptistery why are you not bad tries out in the swimming pool just Joe and Jane in a couple of friends know that's an biblical you are baptized before local church because that was the group you are now belonging to and signing up to serve with so Timothy Paul says look back godly associations and draw from that. A new vigor keep the flame full typically look back on the gravity of your ordination or commissioning. I myself laid hands on you. You have gifts now unlock others to be faithful in serving God as pastor Mr. well that's the reason political. Secondly to the responsibilities responsibilities. They said there in verse six very clearly for this remit reason I remind you host a personal pronoun speaking to this letter particular that's Timothy Timothy you must take the initiative and you must do this you Kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you, the laying on of my hands. Again, the word Kindle afresh in the present tense. It means continual action to me means that this is in a one time thing we hear people teaching about. There was a one time when they got the special anointing on this special baptism of the Spirit, whatever it may be less not what this text is talking about is to let Timothy the charisma is in you know you must keep it stirred up going keep the flame of it full, and continually do that, the bellows. This is the opposite of quenching a flame or extinguishing a flame.

It's keeping it up strong and full second Peter 113 gives a unique exhortation to pastors while you do have a responsibility to keep yourself stirred up.

I have a responsibility to help stirred keep stirring you up. I consider it right as long as I'm in this earthly dwelling to stir you up by way of reminder, I don't come to you every week to preach this afternoon I'll learn new things every week. I started work. I was going to say you know about to celebrate my 40th anniversary and you were so unbelievably kind and gracious me and I'm so humbled and thankful for that. But I thought you know I've Artie told these people everything I know, and I studied second Timothy 16 and seven no learn new stuff so I got a come back to you that that's not doing this since it is different from the other stuff is just a continuation and an application of the other stuff so I come to preach to you each week trying to start get you out of the doldrums and some of you that's a hard job you call this bad late on Saturday not feeling your heart and mind with everything in the world you wake up Sunday morning, you get a weekend God wake in small groups in the not my servant, and you go back out into the world. It's hard to keep the flame just doing that so I'm trying to stir you up at your responsible to keep yourself stirred down this gift.

This charisma again is something that came in when you were born again.

When you were saved. Spirit comes to dwell in you, and the totality of what came in as a charisma.

It's a gift to favor you don't deserve. You can work this up so so let's review for all of us for just a moment about the charisma gift you were given when you were saying. First of all, the meal there is a strong word here for pastors and for Timothy. In particular, but there's a word for all of us number one about the charisma.

Let's remind ourselves we received it at conversion and all of us received all of us received a charisma I sometimes like to call it a spiritual gift cocktail God just made a special snowflake of spiritual gifts for you. You have some leadership some service of administration some teaching.

I don't know we've all got that unique gift that we were given by God first Corinthians 12 seven reminds us, but to each one was given the manifestation of the spirit to each one. All of you got something when you are converted. Number two, your charisma, your spiritual gift was given for the good of your local church listen to me church. Your spiritual gifts were not given the blast you your spiritual gifts are given the blast those around you.

First Corinthians 12 seven but to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good, so that you might serve others in your local church in the same way a pastor is gifted to serve you by preaching and leaving the church. So you have given been given a charisma spiritual gifts so that you might bless those around you don't know the judgment bar of God inside Lord.

I didn't do a whole lot with my I didn't do much number three concerning this charisma, we all got at conversion.

He gave it to us for the common good of my local church. Number three serving submission to your church leadership, developing character and humility and you will not miss your place of service.

Here's what I mean you don't come into church and pull out your union card and say here's my guess, and here's what I want to minister that and work. I me what chaos you would have if we got 750 pretty much active members work is if you don't come to church. You don't belong here. If you can't come. We understand that, of course, but that would be chaos. Everybody came in proclaiming I have these guess I have the set is what I'm going to the church. No you come in and say what needs to be done. I'll be glad to do it brother David Youngs just he tells me all the time. He told me not like his brother Jeff over and over and over our people call me or email me or text me and said brother David whatever you need done I'll do it that makes his job a lot easier. We have 170 or so small group leaders.

Could you imagine if every one of you were honorary if everyone of you were difficult. Wow do this but I will do that God taught me this early on, I had some godly teachers who just pounded into be to be humble and just serve and I did so many things in those early years that are not really my gifts.

But I needed them.

They built character. They were not my gifts. But I did them and I was back in the day when you went to every children's event in every youth. The been in every college abandon everything. I mean the past was at all of it. When we viewed it in those days you member the story because we been somewhere 40 years total your stores when Bob Pittman was the senior pastor and I was his associate pastor. We bought this building next door was the skating rink in he wanted a bathroom in the senior pastor's office is a good idea problem was the plumbing and the water was way way across that big old building. I got some guys to come in and cut the concrete out and it needed to be dug out in the lines laid and so that's what I did I build that ditch and I laid those lines, and Dr. Pittman had him a bathroom in his pastor's office. It's now honest to God.

I had no concept that I'd ever be the senior pastor here that would my goal. I try to go in places nobody would have me that's just the truth but here's what good are you listening this morning. You gotta dig your ditch before you find your niche. Be willing to dig your dad's and big some of you been here for years. You still he found your place with use. Not willing to do what needs to be done, but we never ask you to suck your uncomfortable with her would be difficult for you are are are stressful is not oversight but you just be willing to serve. Eventually you'll find your place because God wants to grow you and character, humility, and then put you in your place of service. Gotta dig a ditch before you find your niche and trust me there was more than one ditch I didn't think some of those ditches.

What ever end. To be honest, Timothy. You're responsible you're responsible. Amen.

Keep it falling. Keep the charisma fired up. Stay faithful in serving your brothers and sisters sheep you Shepherd in your local church. Number three the resources he said the reasons look back at your mom and grandma Allman look back at the gravity, the ordination responsibility.

Timothy your spouse to do it yourself. Also, you church you you got star yourself up at times like what my dear brother John LCM said one time he should I grab myself by the nap of the neck can make myself do it is I got a duty Christianity has some of that. You're responsible. Thirdly, the resources in verse seven.

Here's these powerful resources God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.

So here we see these three words a new American Standard power and love and discipline.

These three things are elements or components of the charisma that is in you, and they must be harnessed and increased.

You can be faithful and effective in serving your church to the glory of God. But before we get to that, he says there's something's gotta be taken off those things were given the union and put them on and live them out, but as you gotta get something out of the way first pieces first. Ultimately, God has not given us a spirit of timidity or fear, and you can translate that word that way fear or cowardice. Even because you understand being afraid to give your life to God, being afraid to spend your last serving God a local church not miss something the waterfall might be.

Let lose out on this and this.

The Bible calls that cowardice fearfulness twice on Friday. Timidity. That's what Paul's getting to hear the same Timothy God didn't give you that they didn't come from God when you're born again I one part of the gift mix that's coming from your flesh. That's coming from the world that timidity that's coming from the devil you didn't get timidity when the Holy Spirit came to reside into you. The timidity the fearfulness the cowardice that's of the old man that's of the old nature that you received in your natural birth. When you are born in sin, polluted by sin Timothy, first of all Paul says work at quenching the cowardice work at snuffing out the fear inflamed that are the fan that flame to the full of the charisma that is put within you know couple things about Timothy real quick. You remember we have several text that Telus Timothy was probably more insecure than the average guy. He was young that made him intimidated, sometimes by all others. He probably had a nervous system that was prone to making sick. I would tell them to drink wine for stomach does you get you get you get out of sorts with your stomach sometimes of your nervousness, so that's probably one reason why he says Timothy don't given that timidity, there's another reason man writing this Timothy's the greatest Christian, there lived.

He's locked in a Roman prison about the executed Timothy's probably thinking as he passes church in Ephesus. They know on his right hand man.

They know I believe the same documents they know I've given my life for the Christ. I could be next year. Cowardice, timidity, pulses Timothy Doe given to it. Don't do it, let it happen. One thing I like to say about this timidity or cowardice of fear. This is closely akin to that phrase that we all heard a lot. The fear of man fear man Proverbs 29, 25, the fear of man brings a snare other words, if you function afraid of living for God because the man of this world this world want you to live for it.

You can't respect the world so you live in the fear of man is going to be a snare. It's a trap. By the way, when you get an animal in snare just means the going down soon as the picture you see to fear. Man is to have an attraction to and affection for the things of this fallen world system is type I have an attraction and an affection for the purposes of this world. The priorities of this world and the pleasures of this world and these purposes priorities and pleasures are a distinct contradiction to the purposes the priorities in the pleasures of God, the fear of man is to be more concerned with the disapproval of the world and with the disapproval of God. Think about pastors today. Pastors who embrace the latest trends and the latest fads in order to avoid the world's disapproval and the worldly people in their own congregations were there doing their wise and clever and creative. The cowardice there fearful, too timid parents today you parents are so woefully over committed just over committed. You know why were over committed his parents sometimes because were fearful my Johnny's guy doing the other johnnies down the street are doing last Saturday can't miss out on what the others blade girls in the junior Howard get to know so there's basketball and volleyball and football and soccer and gymnastics. And then there's travel ball and then there's this.

And then there's band then there's gymnastics and that is where all but you got to not fear what is my child and didn't own everything God and God's work in God's kingdom and do those things that you can. Don't be a slave.

Fear not be quite honest. My heart goes out to you ladies you guys unaware but you guys.

You take care yourself to me, these ladies have too much to do to me. These ladies have too many responsibilities to me. These ladies have too many burgers know why world told us do this this and this will open church. Churches do this this nest that kills us do it all. If you're not careful, get fearful and would do with the world since and slacked off on what the church that's what Paul was telling Timothy don't let that happen. Pam and I don't get a get a grade of 100 on raising our children. We had medium meeting with coaches and extracurricular school leadership and said were Christians we can do some things but we can't do everything I told my daughter, who played ball in college would like to narrow down one sport we can do all of this and be faithful to what church like we need to look don't you go out here and think that my conviction has to be exactly here's okay I don't know where your balance is. Don't be a slave to fear cowardice and timidity because there's good in those things, but in the just like Satan to take good stuff and use it to her. The children of God.

If we get out of balance senior adults senior adults sometimes filed themselves pouring so much into their grandchildren just to keep make sure their grandchildren keep up with the Joneses grandchildren down the street is not to be your concern need for the things of God in your grandchildren. I don't think we have meaning if if we do not welcome socially seared all spa motorhome and RV pastoral six much. Every year we got to watch the leaves turn of the Gatlinburg we got okay. We got no clicks and sea shells down in Florida know what they're saying were fearful will go were not… What were fearful missed something this world look if you've worked hard all your life you been faithful to church and you retire and you get a motorhome report once a week once year for week and you say pastor will be gone for a couple months but will be back when I don't know, three, four, five months every year I take all man does have a bowel habit you know if the balance to get a mental balance will be controlled by fearing you're going to miss out something Armando and my house is been working to dedicate ourselves to the Lord's work in the Lord's church, and whatever that allows that's what we'll do out there. I know that's radical was 98% of churches. They basically are saying come in here will let you bring the world with you. I'm not saying that because the world has Satan as its ruler. He comes to kill and steal and destroy. That's a snare. Now let's talk real quick not done about the specific resources of power, love, and discipline. First of all talks about Harry Timothy. This timidity you struggle with is not from God, solicited with that Timothy. But let's talk first about about what you did get is a part of the charisma and first of all its power.

This is that spiritual power that is opposite of earthly or worldly power is the power of God that came in you through the new birth you have this now as an undeserved gift in your life. They listen to this.

Tim Ellison you now as a child of God have the power to not give in to fear. You now have the power to not give into cowardice. You now Timothy have the power to not give into to amenity you have the power to not give yourself over to the purposes the priorities and the pleasures of this world, but instead you have the power to give yourself to the higher things the purposes, priorities, and pleasures of God centered in your devotion and service to your local church, which that's the context Paul writing to Timothy about if you miss the local church or you miss everything. Power is a timid, here's another thing you habit you need. Keep flaming keep the flame for loan, and that is love. Agape is the word here is that special love that came into you yet to grow.

It became into you when you converted, you begin to love God and love God's people more and more and more and more, Timothy. Now you have this new capacity to not love the world as your chief aim, but to love the purposes and priorities and pleasures of God, and not the purposes, priorities, and pleasures of the world, your love object has changed Timothy now your love is continually increasing focused on God and God's work in the world. So power and love and then uses the word discipline the scholars Telesis has the idea of disciplined thinking. Some translations say Sykes sound mind you give us a sanity to believe you have the power to think sanely instead of thinking like the insanity that rules the world. I mean the person that claims to belong to God to the number, birth, and I say you know what I'm going to drink as deeply as I can in this fallen world basically give myself to this world priorities purposes and pleasures, but I'll also tag a church membership on the my life as long as that church that expect much out of because they start expecting too much.

I will leave that church.

I will tell everybody there.

Call they demand too much a person that thinks that way. Paul is telling Timothy a positive note, they are the son sound thinking that's undisciplined thinking why but I didn't say take human society even washed by the blood of Christ, placed in the kingdom of God in the family of God given special charisma against at your neighbor to be of this serve your give your life to building up God's work in God church that last for eternity that you'd walk away from that and think like the world thinks about a wide you're giving yourself for a world that Jesus has promised to destroy would need to return postage is sanity. If you're if you're if your view of Christianity is all this title Christianity onto my life this is that the church for you.

I will love you and you're welcome to come but that that's not what we are were trying to keep the flame full and cannot say something to you, pastor, keep in the flame full is a full-time job. That's why uses the continuing continuous mode, our spirit in this verse continually try to keep that going. I told you million times you know why because you leak, get filled up pretty good.

On Sunday, more than you leak out on Wednesday. Now that we don't have Sunday night service. Some of you leak it out by Monday afternoon. Discipline is the third thing it's sound thinking you're enabled by the charisma gift within you to not think like the world any longer. He'll member Leon killed with some of you do. Mr. Sunday school. They called and he go around. He got Sunday school revivals we call in small groups today. They just fire about to get back to the work of Sunday school work in small groups had Leon come.

He was funny. He'll have a great sense of humor. He said you know what I've never seen an overworked Baptist. I've seen a lot of underpowered once, but I've never seen overworked one, think there's some truth to that Ellis be balanced here.

There are some people that need to take a break here now. Maybe not teach a class this next term, or whatever, but that's the exception not the rule. You know why is it that pastors today know as Québec you were told to Timothy's a pastor look what a pastors they seem to fall apart when they start getting criticism from the world pastors fall apart when there's the threat of diminishing numbers or attendance in their services. Why do they do that is what Paulson Timothy is because they lack power they have the power to not let that crap control them. If don't draw from it because they lack love love God loved the church, it wouldn't like them so much they like sound thinking their thinking on soundly like the world. That's why they give into that stuff. So can I ask you this morning. I'm a voice for show hands as all get a bunch of them. Are you tired are you tired do you need to back out on your attendance and faithfulness to God's work in God's church, because you're doing too much in the church are is the real truth you've let the flame grow dim the flame is flickering.

It's almost diminished. You have little power to stand up to the bullying of this world, this bully that unceasingly demand you to embrace its purposes, its priorities and its pleasures in your life. This bully that demands allegiance you're bullied by the bully because you're too timid and you're too fearful and you're too cowardly in your length of the brevity for God's way and then your thinking is become warped and insane like the world I can go out to the great majority of people in this world like I could say listen, sir. Listen, ma'am, I love you. I don't mean this hard spirited Jesus is coming to destroy everyone and everything that does not belong to him you must repent and embrace Christ in you know an abundant life you have a personal purpose for now that last for all eternity.

You get to turn to the endless multiplied pleasures. You can't comprehend the pleasures of God.

Heal the sick, why do that, you know what they're insane insanity. But when you get the new birth you get a charisma that allows you to change your way of thinking. You start thinking rightly soundly is your lack of devotion because you've lost your first love.

You lost the full flame of love for God and the full flame of love for the brethren you've grown cold and the lust of the world has begun to take the place of the love of God that was put in you conversion is your thinking, undisciplined, let's remind ourselves he's telling Timothy Timothy get these things built up your thinking, undisciplined is your thinking on sound.

Are you thinking like the world have you gone insane and charisma flame full. I do know about you but I think God is just perfect in his providence. I think this is the perfect message for the end of the pandemic.

So many of you do a good job of striving to live this out, but too many of you are coasting some you – me draw a lot of the sadness I will be perfect.

I'll blow it some more, but this families don't have a new commitment to God and God's church I'm going stir this stuff up again were going along for the glory of God