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He Is Not Here, He Is Risen

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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April 17, 2022 8:00 am

He Is Not Here, He Is Risen

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Jordan worship together is not price the Lord. Chapter 24 this morning. Luke chapter 24 and I will read verses one through six and then we will talk about the fact that he is not here.

Not here, here, but they are here because he is here. Luke 24, 136, but on the first day of the week and early dawn they came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared and they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus while they were perplexed about this, behold, two men suddenly stood near them in dazzling clothing and as the women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground. The men said to them, why do you seek the living one among the dead. He is not here. He has risen at one time one and 1/2 billion people lived under the tyranny of communism. It all began with VI Lenin in 1917, VI Lenin led what is been called the October Revolution and communism took over Russia VI Lenin only ruled seven years and his utopian dream of creating a society where everyone has equal outcomes was never realized. Quite the contrary.

Millions upon millions were slaughtered under his reign under his iron fist and install a new followed after him as dictator was much worse yet Lenin was esteemed. He was a hero to many in Russia so they built for him a mausoleum made a special to to light his corpse in that tomb today still exist in Red Square in Moscow. It's quiet and elaborate elaborate sarcophagus you have this great granite structure its massive it's cold, the foundation waste 20 tons and the foundation is built on thick layers of sand so that no shaking of the earth could shake linens to is going to check in. One day the.

The interior is equally elaborate and imposing you go down the interior steps and they lead to a halt in the center of the hall as a black pedestal and all that black pedestal rest. The glass coffin containing the corpse of the linen.

You can go there today and view the linen in his glass coffin. You can't smoke and you can't speak, but you can go in there to preserve his body.

They hired leading embalmers to actually invent new involving formulas to help preserve him to aid in his preservation. The tomb is kept at a constant temperature of 61°. The humidity is Between 80 and 90° are 90% weekly. A mild bleach is used to put on his skin to fight the discoloration because fondness and mold tunes to grow on him or to let our Savior has no fungus on him every 18 months. Lenin undergoes an elaborate chemical bath of glycerol and potassium and he soaks it for 30 days while he soaking in his bath this close are washed and meticulously ironed and every three years. He gets a new set of clothes didn't read where the charity to fund the preservation of linens tomb has grown on our fallen on bad times and are no longer able to give him a suit of clothes every three years. But regardless of all of these expansive and diligent efforts. The testimony from Linda and spoon the tomb, it remains he is here. He still dead cold rotting graveyard dead. But as Luke's gospel wonderfully proclaims concerning our Lord and Savior. When those precious ladies came to the tomb to anoint his body. They found that he was not there and the angel told them he is not here he is risen. To understand Christianity and maybe more specifically, the meaning of Easter I will bring out to you this morning.

Three places where you will not find Jesus. Three places you will not find the Lord Jesus number one you will not find him on Calvary's cross build crosses of the Roman Empire.

That's what this was, as a Roman cross. It was if it was a place of execution.

It was not a place for the innocent. It was the place of the condemned, the place of the guilty.

Today we have so many people wearing crosses and putting crosses here and there. Ms. Pam and I visited the oldest Roman Catholic Church in America some time ago and we just went in to look around and we look there, and over the center of the building where the priest would stand is Mary statue of Mary and other various figures and over there on the side was Jesus hanging on the cross. Not that that's probably's over there. He should be in the center but we put Jesus on crosses and hang Jesus on crosses and use crosses it when I'm sad not suggesting that's that's bad. Ladies, if you have an article of of jewelry that has a cross. But understand, he's not on the cross piece finished with the cross.

John 1930 says. When Jesus therefore had received the sour wine he said it is finished, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

You see Calvary's cross was a one time event. The Bible tells us in Romans 323 that we've all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The Bible tells us in Galatians 310 that we all have transgressed God's law and were all under the curse of God for being a lawbreaker. A transgressor of the law of God, the Bible tells us in Romans 310. There is none righteous, not even one. So here God is he's made man glorious in his own image, so man is to reflect God's greatness in God's goodness in God's rightness in God's holiness like no other creature is supposed reflect God, but man's fallen short of God's ideal for him. Man has failed and that in the Bible says not only that, in our behavior in our hearts and attitudes.

We have all broken God's law and we stand Kirsten guilty in the God's law and there is none righteous, the Bible says that God is so morally and ethically upright. He is right in every way and we are wrong in every way. What a predicament. We find ourselves in. But when Jesus went to the cross he accomplished two things for us. First of all, he became our substitute. We call this substitution. I've told you church for many years.

If I were to stop you in the road in downtown Florence or somewhere in sight.

Tell me what happened on the cross, you should be able to say, substitution and satisfaction. The first was substitution. Through his death and suffering on the cross, Jesus remained just that is morally upright and good legally correct, but he was justifying centers he substituted for me in the judgment.

The father looked upon Jesus while he's dying on the cross as if he were guilty, as if he were a lawbreaker as if he were worthy of condemnation, but yet he himself was innocent.

They became sin. The Bible says in the sense that God looked upon him as a sinner but he himself was never a sinner. He was substituting our place as first Peter 224 reminds us he himself bore our sins in his body on the cross. Isaiah 53 five he's wounded, three for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities in the tasting for our well-being fell on him so Jesus went to the cross one time and one time only face the innocent one, the holy and pure want to become in the eyes of the father, a guilty want a condemned one because he was taking our place in judgment substitution and he doesn't need to do that again because that's finished, he doesn't need the cross anymore. That parts done well. Another factor that comes out another aspect of what was accomplished on the cross becomes in the words satisfaction satisfaction. You see, he assumed our legal responsibilities before God and in doing so he satisfied all the claims of the law that were against us. God's law stands as a testament to how guilty we are and how all-knowing we are to God in our offensiveness in our unholiness. But when Jesus went to the cross.

The father poured out the judgment. We should get as lawbreakers and the father was satisfied that Jesus was qualified and executed the task of saving us perfectly. The theologians use the word expiation is the idea that the wrath of God that is due for our sin and our lawbreaking was burned out in the body of Jesus, so it would not have to fall on us.

The father was satisfied that affect Isaiah 5310 gives us this prophetic verse about Jesus, but the father was pleased to crush him, putting him to grief if he would render himself as a guilt offering that would insist that the heavenly father was pleased to crush the son of God. Jesus Christ on the cross that crushing of his son. Please God, but not that he crushed him, but what the son accomplished through the father crushing him. The son accomplished the redemption, the forgiveness of the sins of the children. The father satisfied because he substituted our place in the holy father satisfied, he took our sins. Finally, only there's nothing else to do. The cross is God's latest that parts over so brothers and sisters as they teach in Catholic theology that when you take the mass Jesus innocence dies for you. Again, that's heresy. He died once for all.

The Bible says he does not need to die again satisfaction and substitution. The Bible says in Romans 16 and he died once for all. The Bible says in Hebrews 727. He did this once for all. First Peter 318. He died once for all. So Jesus went to the cross, the innocent one, the holy one.

He became guilty in a positive father in our place and condemned in our place and then he leaves the cross, the innocent one having purchased our redemption so you will find Jesus on Calvary's cross. Today he's finished their the testimony from Calvary's cross is he's not here. Why would you seek the innocent among the condemned that parts finished number two somewhere else and a sometimes here Christian teachers another say that Jesus is and that's in the din of demon is a sense in which they teach that Jesus out here and he's mighty and powerful, but Satan is out here in Satan's body and powerful and his demons are powerful and there in some sort of dueling match and Jesus is struggling and straining and fighting and working in, hoping that somehow taken wrestle out of Satan the control of some of the souls of men, and finally save some of the humble tell you something. Jesus is not dealing with demons and a demonic being somewhere.

He's not there.

Nothing could be further from the truth as the great reformer Martin Luther said the devil is God's devil what he meant by that is, is Satan and all of his demons are all defeated foes know their phones and their active today they're all defeated foes and they are under the dominion of God. Satan can only do what God allows Satan to do in Genesis 315.

Adam and Eve have sinned and Satan came in the form of the serpent.

You remember and he seems adamant even God comes in his punishment and he looks at the old serpent, Satan. He says Genesis 315. He shall bruise you on the head and you shall bruise him on the heel. You'll get my son on the heel but that's not a fatal wound. He's going to crush your head, that is a fatal one Satan is defeated. The Bible calls Satan the accuser of the brethren, that is, that he loves to appear before God and try to announce our guilty nests and try to announce that we are worthy of condemnation and eternal judgment. And by the way he's right, NaturallySpeaking. He wants us you say to be in league with himself and the league of the doomed and the defeated. At least the ports of all sports because as he awaits final judgment. His goal is to dishonor and rob God of glory and bring all the souls Jesus died for to eternal loss with himself when Jesus died for us on the cross. Satan's fork in tone of accusation was smashed to his face by the heel of omnipotent's tea has lost all round of accusation against those who believe on it, the son, Jesus Christ. There is no ground. There is no credibility any longer and Satan's accusation.

He's a defeated foe. Colossians 215 reminds us when he disarmed are stripped the rulers and authorities rulers and authorities mean Satan and demons he made public display of them having triumphed over them through him. Satan has no authority he has no ground to accuse and condemn call guilty and worthy of judgment any of those who believe on Jesus Christ. What a powerful thing about the Bible even tells us in John 1231 that the ruler of this world. Speaking of Satan, temporarily God's allow him to relieve this world system. That's what. But what is behind all the wickedness and the gun godliness and the godlessness of this present culture. He's presently ruler of this world, but the Texas he shall be cast out. In other words, he's cast down or cast out the Bible just judiciously.

He has no ground to stand on and then Revelation tells us wonderfully and powerfully. There's coming a day when he will be cast down completely, not just judiciously, not not only can he have no grounds to accuse the brethren the gods could remove it completely and throw them into the lake of fire and brimstone where he will burn and be in torment forever and ever and ever.

Satan at one time held the keys of death and hell, he had a even a righteous position to claim that all the sons of Adam deserve death and hell and he only could keep him out of there but Jesus did something and Jesus took those keys away.

That's why the Bible says in Revelation 118 I was in bed and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the key of death and Hades.

When Jesus died, Satan fell week.

He knew that the victor had brought him deceit. He awaited the spirit to quicken the dead in the heel of omnipotent's crushing his head.

Jesus arose in the earth did roar, Satan bowed to the king as he entered the door ballot on his face and on big dignity.

Satan yielded Jesus, the eternal key when Satan might whisper and say your unfit your heart is discouraged.

You're ready to quit. Remember that Jesus to bring your amend cleared your name when he rose again.

Now Jesus holds the title deed to your soul permanently. Your name is written on the role Of this joyful and filled with all glee for his resurrection proclaims you are now free. Jesus is not out there fighting and wrestling and struggling with payments there defeated foe's not find Jesus in the name of the dinner demons because the testimony from the dinner demons is he's not here. Why seek the victor among the defeated number three and hallelujah you will not find Jesus in Joseph 10 Lenin has needed his time for 100 years. Jesus only need one free to he just borrowed Joseph because he won the need for law he rose from Neptune Bible text tells us that the ladies were the first ones there on the third day that third morning in their deep passion the motion and drive and look for the Savior.

They wanted to anoint his body properly with oils and spices. The custom of the day. I love the way God made ladies, ladies don't change nobly with this world. So you're supposed to be be the lady of God. God's call to be this world's a liar and Satan is a liar listen to me ladies the ladies the fall of the world system do not indwell. It doesn't end well. Proverbs 31 woman.

The Bible says of her and her children. Her husband will rise up and call her blessed. She indwell don't believe the lies of the barrel God is giving you ladies such a great capacity for passion and emotion and nurturing and caring. We made would be lost without your superiority in these areas made a woman of God, God called you to be. Don't try to be a man. I didn't call you to be a man. I'm off my notes now can you tell thank you ladies for being the powerful strongly is that you are exhibiting the beautiful femininity and sweetness and emotion and passion that only sweet ladies of God have the ladies came in these ladies came to the tomb and they were devoted but they were deluded they think missed something's just like the other disciples had missed that every time Jesus told them I'm going to Jerusalem going to be delivered up and go to be arrested and I'm going to die, but I will rise again. They missed that part. I will rise again. So they come to the tomb and the interesting thing is, I should been looking for Jesus anywhere but a time, anywhere between a meet in one supernatural moment Jesus tasted death, Jesus conquered death and he abolished death.

He is life in the way Jesus said I am the truth and I am the life. Second Timothy 110 reminds us, Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel, that when Jesus died on the cross. You see, his spirit never died is a father to my hands I commit my spirit is spirit went to bed with his father in heaven, but his body was laid in the two until the morning of the third day. Romans 829 says that Jesus is the firstborn among many brethren. The firstborn among many brethren want to set means that means he's the first of this pattern Jesus, God's is spirit goes to father his body lies in the time and at God's direction, the body would be resurrected reuniting of the spirit and live with God forever teased the forest and all of his children following like pattern. He's the firstborn among many brethren and that good news folks Satan that held the grave the world the Jewish religious authorities in the Roman Empire could know Jesus and the great and nothing will hold you in the grave.

If you know Christ, the powerful truth. Of course there are those who deny the resurrection of the historical fact, the so-called theologians their liberal theologians the so-called pastors their liberal pastors who deemphasize or outright deny the actual bodily resurrection of Jesus.

That's nothing new I meeting this data. Jewish religious authorities can't talk to the narrative.

That said, he didn't really rise from the grave site. Here's what man doesn't man would like to say okay Jesus was a real person. It was a great teacher. He was right moral instructor and a wonderful model for us all to emulate dying for others, but that's all the years no one because it Jesus died and he still bed than that is all the years, but if he died and rose again. He's Lord God Almighty and man would rather emulate a model that submit to Lord Trotta keep themselves on the throne and put him off of it, but he is risen.

He's like Samson of both the Old Testament tells us that Sansone is in the city of Gaza.

He spending the night there and his enemies decided they would secretly hide at the gates of the city and at daybreak it would pounce on Sansone and destroy him.

Samson just to show them how dumb they were.

Got up in the middle of the not in goes down to the gates of Gaza and he puts his master sober shoulders under the gate and post races of the rips them out of the ground and the bottles it took them up on the mountain and threw them down. That's exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ did to death. He went down to death house and the tour gate post and all of these taken up on the mountain and he's thrown it. There is no power over him tomb couldn't hold him death couldn't hold him. Satan couldn't keep him the Jewish religious authorities couldn't stop it, and the Roman empire could not stop. He is risen, lowering the grave. He lay Jesus my Savior waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord, vainly they watch is that bed, Jesus my Savior vainly. They sealed the dead Jesus my Lord death cannot keep his prey, Jesus my Savior. He tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord and up from the grave he arose with embodied travelers, foes, heroes of Victor from the dark domain… Forever with the sites terrain. Hallelujah. You Christ arose don't go to Joseph to think you can find Jesus. He's not here.

The angel said because the testimony of Joseph tomb is you not hear, why would you seek the living among the dead. Now if you want to see the head of atheistic communism. Then you go to linens tomb in Red Square guarantee you he still there there still putting bleach on and bless his heart, and trying to get the fungus off the skin to make it look good with that means that means he's not glorified by the weight Linden will rise again and face his God in judgment. All will rise again judgment or to eternal life. So if you want to see the head of atheistic communism go to Red Square. The testimony there is he still here is dead. But don't go looking for Jesus, head of the church. Don't go looking for him on Calvary's cross is the testimony of Calvary's cross is he is not here while seek the innocent. Read the innocent among the condemned and don't go to the dinner demons looking for Jesus Christ the testimony of the dinner demons is Wasik the victor among the condemned guilty. Don't go to Joseph 10 looking for Jesus testimony. He is not here.

Why would you seek the living among the dead wonder.

Isaiah 46 verse nine tells us I am God and there is no other.

There is no one like me conquering death hell and the grave where you might assess multiple pastor where is Jesus today. I'm glad you asked. Hebrews 12 to tells us fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross is finish their despising the shame he's done with that right now has set down at the right hand of the throne of God. Jesus died on the cross. Remember the Bible text tells us he raised his head up and shouted out. It is fast. Jesus did not say I am finished.

It redemption about children's souls that's done but I'm not doing, because right now he sits at the right hand of the father where he faithfully lives to intercede for his children.

Ms. Pam this morning said all the family members a little clip of Alastair Begg's sermon where he tells about what could've happened at the crucifixion and Alastair Begg says you know there's two thieves hanging on the cross and their hurling abuse at Jesus hanging in the middle of the middle cross into things only side the railing at him and cursing him and reviling him but one is leaves saying how Jesus died cried out to Jesus and said, would you remember me when you come in your kingdom.

And Jesus said today you're going to be with me in paradise. And can you imagine what that boy got to heaven with you some of these witnessing approaches that of been taught which I disagree with basically but anyway the site the angel that the boy at the gates of heaven said now why should I let you into heaven, and a thief. I will I will well well be just what basis what one reason you have to come into God's paradise which what your answering thief. He just had a little 10 second encounter Jesus.

That's all I don't know exists of being a cylindrical get somebody else and brought back a supervisor angel and the super vase ranges and you tell me, sir, why you should come into heaven, will I just I don't know, and the supervisor angel said what do you understand anything about the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Never heard of it.

Never heard of. Then why should you get into heaven but they said well all I know is the man on the middle cross that I could come God is God beside me said I could come and friend that's all you need is the man Krause to get information and you're going to happen because he painted all he's done it all. He's finishing off. He's not on the cross.

He's done it not fight Damon sees finish their defeated.

He's not in Joseph Toby's resin at the right hand of the father and for all who believe Jesus is in heaven faithfully interceding at the right hand of God the father, assuring your eternal security and your eternal salvation and also reaching out with both arms. This Easter Sunday to say if you received the I will say because Easter is the promise. It's all been done. Forgiveness of sin, and eternal life can be yours only true love Easter to love Christ to love his victory. Some of you sitting here this morning have been baptized yet, and for many of you your your intention is squad sincere. I think I don't know if I've done it right.

I don't know if I grasp it all right and I don't know if I do that if I can live up to it will listen. If you can't live up to it that sin and Jesus forgives that sin to come to Jesus because you can't live up to it because it all sometimes when you go back to her that things had to been. I don't know just the mental middle cross that I could come that I wouldn't say fixing your eyes on your repentance.

The Bible doesn't say fixing your eyes on your face bodices doesn't say fixing your eyes on the change in your life go the pharmacist fixing your eyes on Jesus. What he did hand is doing, that your will on the rest of its idolatry and self-centered thinking all come to Jesus come to Jesus fixing arousal. Jesus has two thoughts. The morning means turn turn away from every other person in every other thing turn away from every other thought of what if I go to the church about talk to the priest, or if I have the ordinance of baptism. If I take the ordinance of the Lord's supper. If I if I clean my life up some if I'm start giving ties and offerings. If I get my membership on the chart that all that.

It's rubbish.

This garbage is worthless before the cross had none of that means to turn away from everything else and then look intently. Jesus said I'm coming to you because I know I can even do it right after get baptized, which are mighty to save and he will say because he's alive lives to save and secure those who believe on him for eternity serve a risen Savior.

He's in the world today. I know that he is living whatever men may say NTS