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The Mighty Jesus

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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June 12, 2022 8:00 am

The Mighty Jesus

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Let's go back to first Timothy this morning.

First Timothy chapter 1 will look at verses 12 through 17 in teaching the guys this week and are teachable pastoral ministries Completely in first and second Timothy and when I came to this text. It stirred my heart a French thought. I think that would be a good word for a day.

We were going to share in the Lord's table together in the day when we are going to accept new members into our local church family. First Timothy chapter 1 beginning in verse 12 this is a Paul writing this letter to Timothy about his own pastorate, there would need to do, how we structure the church talk about all those things dozens of times, but before you get started. I think the point is, Timothy Nguyen, you need to be in all of Christ, you need to treasure Christ and that's true for all of us no matter who you are and What Your Role Are Pl. in God's church is our God's work is first and foremost you must be enthralled with Christ. I think that's where Paul's coming from because he certainly was first Timothy 112 pieces off. I think Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me because he considered be faithful, putting me in the service. Even though I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor yet. I was shown mercy because I acted ignorantly in unbelief and the grace of our Lord was more than abundant with the faith and love which are found in Christ Jesus is a trustworthy statement deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am for most of all yet. For this reason, I found mercy so that in me, as the foremost Christ might demonstrate his perfect patience as an example for those who would believe in him for eternal life. After the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen this passes to me as if the apostle Paul takes Christ is this multifaceted diamond and I would include Christ and his work as a multifaceted diamond and he turned it slowly to the light so that another glorious dimension of Christ person in Christ work is reflected out to us. So let's unpack it in that way, if you will. I entitle this of course the mighty Jesus, the mighty Jesus and let's look at I notice. First of all, Paul mentions his mighty strength, his mighty strength there in verse 20 says I think Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, since I think there means Jesus great grace has gratitude, rather he is very grateful for all that Christ has done for him.

When you consider where you came from and the things he was involved in the news is I think him that he has strengthened me, you know, it takes God's strength to save us and takes God's strength to to serve Christ faithfully in this world and through our local churches. The Bible says that we are all by nature without strength.

For example, when Paul writes to the Romans. In Romans 56 he says while we were helpless we were helpless there means sick and without strength. While we were spiritually sickly and had no strength in that condition at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.

You see the reason men do not believe in the site. The reason men do not honor Christ in their lives. The reason men do not faithfully serve Christ and advance Christ's kingdom is because they are too weak to do so. It's never an intellectual problem is never a philosophical issue is somehow Christian truth is beneath their level of esteem and elite understanding of thing.

Now it's because they're weak. Mankind is fallen, we have the weakness of intellect, so we cannot grasp about the greatness of Christ in his kingdom. We have the weakness of heart.

We cannot feel our treasure the greatness of Christ in his kingdom. We have the weakness of our will. We cannot bring ourselves to initiate a devotion to Christ in his kingdom. We have a weakness of straits and we could not even come close to enduring the rigors of following Christ and building his kingdom. You see, man this weekend.

That's why he doesn't come to Christ. He's not above it, as if he has some special goodness or virtue so he doesn't need this old Christian religion for studies way because I think Christ Jesus that he has strengthened me into a strength that we need. Sin has made us all deplorably weak. Let's take Paul himself Saul of Tarsus was his name. Of course, before he was converted. I mean as far as men go. The woods, a strong man. He was a determined man, a well-educated, even a brilliant man.

He called himself quote the Hebrew of the Hebrews, but in things pertaining to God in the kingdom of God and the things that matter for eternity pauses. I was deplorably desperately. We so are all of mankind. And so are you and I until Christ strengthens us. You see, it was Christ's strength that came in us and enabled us to see our need of a Savior and see Christ as the only true Savior is Christ strength that enables us to keep on keeping on it and not fail in well doing going down the path in our lifetimes for Jesus Christ. Isaiah 5312 speaks of his strength. Therefore, I will a lot here let's Christ.

A portion with the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong are the mighty know the words of Jesus.

Here is the warring conqueror and he will obtain this fall's victory, and by the way you are his full you are spoils he said I'm black to my children may belong to Satan. Right now they deserve the wrath of God but the Jesus who is the Christ would do everything required to make them my own spoils of his victory. Well, his mighty strength notice. Secondly, let's turn that down to look at another beautiful facet. His mighty calling calling.

Now he says here in verse 12. As we continue on because he considered me faithful, putting me in the service that is calling me into his service.

In acts 915, the apostle writes about this calling from God into the service of Christ and his church. But the Lord said to him, go for he is a chosen instrument.

Instrument of mine that referred to Paul is a chosen instrument to bear my name before the Gentiles and kings of the sons of Israel. That's why Paul continued all when you wrote to the Corinthians, and says I have nothing in effect amplifying here have nothing really to brag about her boast about if I'm faithful to Christ Jesus Wallace me if I do not preach the gospel. Lord I signed up with its hundred volunteer for this call was placed on me and I am under compulsion now to do that which Christ laid hold of me to and by the way this applies to all of us benefit the called is one of those blessed and special titles for all who are saved. That is so neglected in the modern church age. How often do you introduce yourself and say well you know I'm on the called is kinda seems like we do want to say that because it it maybe is is is is proud sounding dark or arrogant or elitist. But the Bible uses it over and over and over again to designate those who are Christian those who belong to God for.

For example, first Corinthians 124 two those who are definite article the call, he said, referring to the believers at the church at Corinth. Your call. God reached out to you and placed you in his family and in his service, acts 241 and 42 is a good verse to show us something of the call that is on all of us. There's a dual nature to the Christian call.

Your call to salvation. To believe on Christ and later called into service for Christ until we all get home to heaven where we will finally serve Jesus perfectly. You see, that's what brings us down here is we don't serve our Lord will what brings us down here. Is there something in us since the new birth that desires to honor him and please him and glorify him and actively serve him and we continually fall short. Aren't you glad we remain under grace would get that is so the call of God include salvation and service. Paul was called to a special service of apostleship that you and I do not have that we were all called to service. Again, acts 241 and 42 then those who had received his word. That's the call in your name is placed on salvation drove that point they were baptized joining the local assembly believers there that that's the call and your name is placed on the service road you're called to salvation your names on salvation drove at the same time you're called the local church to serve him and that's the service road and there were added that day about 3000 souls verse 42 and they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, and the breaking bread of prayer and prayer.

So here we have the salvation to Roland service role and then if you will be equipping road pastors are now to equip you to instruct you from the word admonish you to model for you to reprove you when necessary.

The style at the service he called us to salvation and equally silently called us to serve nurses know there's no hesitancy there's no spot. There'sbetween the apostle Paul Saul of Tarsus coming to faith in Christ and immediately say I was entered into this service for my sake.

So those of you young people who are praying about baptism.

You're the right track. Don't be diverted don't go back out.

That's the next thing the only logical thing gets the commitment that make a profession of faith through baptism and get on the service role of God in the local church that is very true.

We we serve God in the workplace.

We serve God in the community as we represent Christ.

Everywhere we go, but there's that central a foundational element of service, which is when you're baptized and become a member of Christ. Local church RX his mighty strength is his mighty calling Millis go thirdly to his mighty mercy on God is mighty in mercy, what a glory so so to Paul lose that Dom and little bit more in another brilliant facet of the beauty and the wonder in the mind of Christ is shown fourth verse 13. Even though I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor yet. I was shown mercy. What a contrast and what a paradox. Paul was a hardened sinner. He hated the church he hated Christ that he was under the commission of the Jewish legal authorities that everywhere he could possibly go. He was the crutch. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Actually this word of violent aggressor.

It has has the idea of a brutish, domineering, it's a physical, raging bull, enters a room and just want to trip over there whatever's in front of bus adapter's arranging ball of tar and enforcing power to crush out God's church and in that condition shown mercy your that his brothers and sisters. That's mighty mercy right there that's just not a little mercy. That's is not a small type of mercy. That's a great great mercy. Paul, who showed no mercy to Christ or to Christians yet became the object of God's great mercy. I've often said it's it's hard to define these terms and little phrase here and there but I've often said that grace is getting what we don't deserve. Grace is God's favor gotchas. I'm going to favor you even though you don't earn it have occurred.

Rather, don't deserve it mercies the other side of the coin mercy is God saying I am not going to give you what you do rightfully deserve great somebody give you what you could deserve an mercies I'm going with Paul that would see if ever my children being cross for my judgment and wrath, but I'm not going to do.

I'm going to show you mercy the merits of my son Jesus Christ not Gimli. I don't want to mention mercy less I mentioned an amplification of what mercy involves because the Bible teaches that the God of mercy is the God who feels PD to listen to me he feels PD, he feels sorrow for the most undeserving by my my will to God. You say I wish I could take my brain in your brain and program and our brains the debt of our lacking before the holy God's witness of wickedness. Fathers try God and God looked so nuts and seeds on the condition beat the same as the one that we are conscious I feel.

He didn't have to be good for us all into judgment and been just to God in his heart.

God says that the most directed and violent and desirable, and offensive means I can imagine it feel pity for them. No. Aren't you glad God is not like me, aren't you glad God is not like you, we don't do that takes God have that kind of great mercy, he feels deeply for us, but also it means mercy means he acts greatly in mercy for on our behalf. He feels it he acts upon it. Heavy times have I failed my Lord and maybe a brother or sister in Christ when I feel something deeply for them enough. I didn't write that card. I did make that phone call I did put my hand on the shoulders of.

I'm praying for you. I've done a lot but I believe a failed edit a lot to hear something but God, he don't fight he never misses it. He never fall short in any way shape or fashion.

In this mighty mercy. The Bible says in Ephesians 2 for him being rich in mercy, it means mercy is ever present within him and there's a far greater supply that even you could exhaust he sees us in our miserable state and comes to us the old songwriter saw a wrote he solemnly plunged in deep despair and flew to my relief for me. He bore the shameful cross and carried all my grief policies you got notice of the Timothy take based on my piece body and mercy body immersed are you listen to me child of God you cannot sin the mercy of God can do it. You may pacify just below my neck try to be as corrupt and evil and wicked the rest of my life. I Know you cannot sin the rest of got a bottle live video chat to see in the mercy of God starts to sell Christ help me serve you better help me serve you better. When the before Paul lose that diamond said on the show you another glorious dimension and facet of our Lord and his work is mighty sovereign grace is mighty sovereign grace in verse 14 and the grace of our Lord was more than abundant with the faith in the love which are found in Christ Jesus you see any true understanding of what is Justin what is right.

We only deserve God's disfavor. Ephesians 23 reminds us we were by nature children of wrath. That means when you're a one celled human being in the womb of your mother.

Every fiber of your being is a one celled human being in the womb of your mother called for God's wrath against him was your very copying of our nature.

God chose to have grace on us. It means in his perfection he chose and said I'm going to pour out favor on that undeserving one very tender mercy, but a different type of thing in grace. Jesus you say is the grace ambassador. He brings grace to us. God's unmerited favor toward us grace mean God has changed his view of us and God has changed his action toward his view of us was one of the deep displeasure and disdain. Now that has changed to a joyous and sweet smile that accepts and love. It is just beyond my comprehension. I cannot take it into my heart. I cannot cogitate the reality of it in my mind that this holy God just on the merits of Christ's site gone from the object of my displeasure interest to the object of my great great love and favor child of God when you will continue to continue to drive on Avenue or when they saw out of God's divine favor the merits of the son, Jesus Christ. He's for you folks. He's for the Bob's of God's forcing to be against us.

Can disease be against me and have unique capacity to overcome. Absolutely not even Joe Biden Prepared us folks, the Supreme Court can hurt us. You know we got absolute fools and idiots running our country. I mean that literally. And obviously we know. But Jesus response favors grace mighty sovereign grace. Paul goes from this violent blasphemer.

This persecutor took to one who now is by God's favor a great servant of the church when trying to build up the church you say when grace comes upon us.

God changes you couldn't change yourself, you couldn't make yourself joy in this God or you could come up with religion and will go through some motions and call yourself okay man's good at that, but that's good.

Mean your heart check you you Cause your heart change that when God saved you regenerating power of the spirit of God made you a new creature in Christ Jesus all through sovereign grace of favor. We don't deserve, that is, you see now my heart is changed and I love him. My mind is now changed and I respect him. My is now changed and I look to him.

My hands are now changed and I reached for him. My feet have been changed and run to him. He is my resource by rest in my reward, all because of sovereign grace, he chose to favor number five. Paul takes that GM and he turns a little bit further. This is another facet of the glory and wonder bar great save. You need enough notice is mighty ambition is mighty ambition. Look at their verse 15 is a trustworthy statement of that. That means this is something we all absolutely agree on. We all know this is true policy. It's a trustworthy statement deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am for most of all, this was Jesus commission from the father.

Jesus came into the world to save sinners that the father's will send him again not Seshan but to rescue his church and extend his retribution and wrath on all those who would not come to Christ. But in this first coming. He came to save sinners. This was his convicted mission. This was his driving ambition. That's why Jesus said I did not come to do my own will but the will of him.

My father who sent me, and he performed the task perfectly know that's what I love about Jesus is Jesus never fails.

He cannot fail. Listen to me.

There will not be one of the lowliest tiniest little sheep that he will not bring safely home.

He fulfills the task appointed to him by the father you talk about eternal security. Oh my goodness. The only way you could lose what Christ purchased is you have to conquer Christ that can't be done with John 17 four Jesus said, I have glorified these talking to the father.

I've glorified the only earth having finished past tense rather accomplish the work which thou has sent me to what was that work with his work was what his ambition was to save the lost.

I'm saving our children father.

I'm got it all done. John 639 and this is the will of him who sent me that of all that he has given me. I lose nothing rated up on the last day. Now the apostle says here at the beginning of verse 15.

Maybe it was Christ commission and as were calling his mighty ambition that he came into the world to save sinners and impulses, among whom I am for most of all was as I don't know greater sinner than me. I don't know anybody would not endure the wrath of God more than me.

I really wanted out of the baddest and outer darkness and suffering unjustly endure that for eternity to the great justice of God's anybody that deserves that Paul would say more than me. God came world and person of his son Jesus Christ to save sinners, among whom for most of all. Number six Christ mighty commission commission up well I mean the commissioning of Paul in this sentence, Paul says, here's the commission that Christ is given us and it's quite a mighty commission when you consider all this involved universe extinct yet. For this reason, I found mercy so that in me, as the foremost Jesus Christ might demonstrate his perfect patience as an example for those who'd believe in him for eternal life out my commissioning policy is your commissioning my commissioning is to be an example of what God can do with worthless centers he so that's what I am, that's rough. My my commission.

Whatever else it involves involves meet any example of what God can do sinners like us.

He talks about there for those who would believe on example for those who would believe that the Greek really means those destined to believe God has those who are destined to believe and I'm an encouragement to them that Christ will save you. Christ will cleanse you Christ will forget you.

Christ mercy is adequate for you.

This grace is abundantly supplied to you and he will claims you and keep you as his own for time and for eternity pauses on example of God saved you my friend with the primary purpose to use you that you might encourage and bless others that they might draw near Christ and find salvation in Christ and then faithfully serve crime.

That's what makes a good church people who are grateful not going to have people who are grateful to no longer the wrath of God.

They audibly think you are grateful to this God would show such love and unmerited favor toward them. I could just get that in your heart never lacked for anybody do anything this church.

If I can be a great motivator and a great organizer. The grapes, strategists, and a great visionary in God's give me some of those gifts that if the heart and so grateful just now that might be crazy, but he still a pastor and I want to serve you. I will serve you in your church can't get over what you done for me the map preach to us, I forget which time, but he was challenging us to take our July Jubilee.

That's all called July jubilate love you beliefs on the altar don't have the will of work, but we take little downtime to take off and then we come back when you go to work not just grateful that you got the break before more than that. Grateful that you have a Christ who will never leave nor forsake Christ who will not listen. He will not let you perish. Glory he's given you the commission to serve in and to be an example to the world hi look at me know whatever else we have we have a testimony. Amen when you say what you want/have you walked scrutinize investigate what this guy could do or this lady today within the day were sinner saved by grace as my brother told me this last week #2 sin is probably better. We have a commission live at an example of what Christ can do. Sinners VII Paul turns that stone a little bit more. There's another glimmering glorious facet Christ mighty exultation will been exalting him the whole time that Paul considered something of a doxology if you will. Now to the King eternal, immortal, personally. He just grass. Three. I guess you would say attributes of God here is empty if this is as if the same Timothy take on this a little bit now.

The King eternal love towards us know the king like him. Exodus 1519 says the Lord shall reign forever and ever piece the forever King that was one of the things that was so I put such trepidation and fear in the hearts and minds of people who lived under absolute monarchies and that was if will get good thinking was to happen when you go to get a good king that that is beneficent and and and gracious and kind and and for us lot of bed.

By the way what would happen if he's gone all these blinded unbelievers in our world today.

You noted by the words either looking for Savior looking for Savior.

I think the next God gives elected offices. Normally the new Savior lease not but we got a forever King we have a king that you can't propose you can't stop. You can't form. He does not change with over that now these the forever King and by the way, we are his forever child. This is easy, immortal, and more. He is in mortalities incorruptible. He cannot be destroyed. You see, God is made of such stuff that can never decay whether diminished before did changed mitigating against nothing.

He's immortal.

He's the same yesterday today and forever.

He change if not sin and all its corroding forces are powerless to him inside, not only the sand and the corruption of sin and that that's why my knee hurts and my back hurts because Sam has corrupted her body in a grown week and they grow table linen start start stops working. I had a thing in my vision the other day in the Leica retina tear or something and he said no just the jail and there's messed up to be okay. Then I get messed up.

You're getting old.

All this degradation that we have in this temporal physical RAM. Jesus not only is not touched by Jesus reverses it pays place to you and eternal save as a part of his new creation varied eternal life of God is been placed in you and he has started terminating that thing inside your first about a change your affections in your heart to love and joy in God and his son Jesus Christ and in the days, when he will take your physical body, he made late in the grave, but he will give you a glorified body because he reverses the course of corruption.

Not only could it not touch him. He reverses it for us. He's immortal and an invisible verse 17. Another attribute unsay no menacing got any tender. Paul is saying to Timothy, Timothy, I don't know what will happen to you. I just got out of prison.

When Obama second Timothy's back in the prison window while his writing.

Second Timothy, his execution is imminent. The said you know our God.

He's he's with me.our God is everywhere being infinite in being. He has no limit sees omnipresent. He's omnipotent. He's omniscient no place there is no place where he is not present there is no power to which he is not superior, or is no knowledge to which he cannot confuse. He is invisible and he says he's the only God first in the 615 sissies the blessed and only sovereign King of Kings and Lord of lords. Psalm 8610. You are great and do wondrous deeds. You alone are God's. Now he comes to our response to all this last phrase for 17 the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Now this thing him being the only God.

He's going to receive honor and glory forever and ever. Here's a question are you going honor him and glorify him by being an object of this favor wanted to save children are being the object of his wrath. But either way he's on the auditing glorify. That's what happened.

New/this whole thing is not about you this whole thing is not about you not primarily.

It's not about you in the very real sense, the reason I'm Savior save as God needed wicked sinners to say so he could show off how big one from gracious and loving to forgive me, is not about you about him tell you what he's going to split that Scott one day return for his church. Everyone will see with clarity and as they bow their face and scream for mercy of the glory of our returning God and King.

But on that day know he's the only God that everyone will that they will honor him, glorify, aren't you glad world welcoming committee all mercy, all grace world welcoming committee when he says honor. That means of highest value in all glory to glory, word has the idea of opinion what it means to spot any right, calculation by any right are true calculation.

We come to the conclusion he's deserving of all honor and praise and glory forever and ever.

Paul says that me for time and eternity also and I just reminded Timothy of his mighty strength of his mighty calling of his mighty mercy was mighty sovereign grace of his mighty ambition of his mighty commission and of his mighty exultation as we come to this time of receiving members and then will all take the Lord's supper together.think that's a good place to camp just get our minds that whatever else we would do during the Lord's supper here in a moment and everyone of us come to this table together as the foremost center of all your the worst sinner you know I'm portion but we been clinched.

We been part we been shown mercy and grace. Then God said you could mean one to another in the in Christ. Our bond is precious and special and wonderful and holy and blessed so we take the Lord's table in a moment together because he has done something that's made us more one we have more connecting us to any of the collectively known to man, even husband and wife even immediate family cannot compare to the church because you may lose your family which you don't loose the church and we get to heaven there will not be husbands and wives and families as we know it today, but they'll be the church